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Dr. Arturo Castellanos Bracamontes – Ophthalmologist in Cancun, Mexico

Professional ID: 978013, Specialty License: 3224678

Dr. Arturo Castellanos Bracamontes is an experienced Ophthalmologist, practicing in Cancun, Mexico. He is specialized in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus with more than 30 years of experience.

Dr. Arturo Castellanos Bracamontes

Dr. Arturo Castellanos is an expert in Astigmatism, Retina, Cataracts, Conjunctivitis, Strabismus, Glaucoma, and Keratoconus. He has performed over 20,000 surgeries with a less than 1% complication rate.

  • Education
  • Bachelor of Surgeon, UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) in 1985.
  • Specialty in Ophthalmology by the Mexican Council of Ophthalmology, based at Siglo XXI National Medical Center (2000).
  • Subspecialty in Pediatric Ophthalmology, based at Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez .
  • Licenses

General Medicine Professional ID: 978013
Specialization License Number: 3224678
Council Certification Number: # 713 (Since 1991)

Dr. Arturo Castellanos is awarded “Associated Researcher Category – A” by the coordination of the Health Nationals institutes.

  • Memberships
  • Mexican Center for Strabismus from 1988.
  • Latin American Council of Strabismus (CLADE) since 1990. He is currently the coordinator of CLADE website.
  • International Strabismological Association (ISA) since 1994.


  • Experience
  • Honorary Ophthalmologist at Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez (1988-1993).
  • Health Nationals in the area of biochemistry at the UNAM from 1990.
  • Secretary of the Mexican Centre of Strabismus (1995-1997).
  • Staff physician in the department of Strabismus Ophthalmology Institute Conde de Valenciana Foundation (1993-2000).
  • Partner of the medical society of hospital Ángeles de las Lomas from 2001.
  • President of the Mexican Center for Strabismus (2002-2004).
  • The jury in the Certification Examination of the Mexican Council of Ophthalmology since 1990.

Dr. Arturo Castellanos has been part of the organizing committees of numerous national and international strabismus conferences. He has

  • Participated in more than 180 conferences (national & international).
  • Published 5 books on strabismus.
  • Published 15 articles in various national and foreign journals.
  • Publications – Articles
Publications – Articles
  1. Prospective analysis of posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation.
    Surgery and Surgeons Vol. 56. no 1; Jan-Feb 1989; 29-32.
  2. Dissociated Horizontal Deviation. Rev. Mex Oftalmol Vol. 64. 1990; 169-173.
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  4. Non-accommodative strabismus of variable angle. Mexican Journal of Ophthalmology Vol. 64. 1990; 9-13.
  5. Allergic conjunctivitis. Bol Med Hosp. Infantil de México Vol. 49, No. 4 April 1992; 201.
  6. Recurrent benign paralysis of the sixth nerve. Presentation of 3 clinical cases. Rev Mex Ophthalmol; May-June 2007; 81 (3): 176-17.
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  13. Hypophthalmos following C3F8 escape. Presentation of a case. Castellanos-Bracamontes Arturo; Eng-Abadía Enrique; Zonana-Sitton Isaac. Rev mex Oftalmol; 2007 Sep-Oct; 81 (5): 291-294.
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  • Publications – Books
Publications – Books
  1. SELECT TOPICS OF STRABISM: Dissociated strabismus: Dissociated vertical deviation (DVD). Authors: Glorialicia Campomanes Eguiarte and Arturo Castellanos Bracamontes. Chapter 12, Pages 111-118 First edition. Printed in Mexico by Laboratorio Sophia.
  2. SELECT TOPICS OF STRABISM: Dissociated Strabismus: Horizontal Deviation dissociated (DHD. Authors: David romero Apis and Arturo Castellanos Bracamontes. Chapter 14, pages 123-130. First edition. Printed in Mexico by Sophia laboratories.
  3. MEMORIAS DEL CLADE, ACAPULCO 1998: Dissociated vertical deviation. Authors: Glorialicia Campomanes Eguiarte, Arturo Castellanos Bracamontes and Luis González and Gutierrez.
  4. MEMORIES OF CLADE, ACAPULCO 1998: Dissociated Horizontal Deviation. Authors: Dr. David Romero Apis and Dr. Arturo Castellanos Bracamontes.
  5. SELECT TOPICS OF STRABISM: Dissociated strabismus. Authors: David Romero Apis, Arturo Castellanos Bracamontes and Mario Acosta Silva. Second edition 2006. Chapter 5. Page 49 – 59. Editorial composition Laser SA de CV.
  6. SELECT TOPICS OF STRABISM: Refractive surgery and strabismus. Author: Arturo Castellanos Bracamontes. Second edition 2006. Chapter 12. Page 101-104. Editorial composition Laser SA de CV.
  7. SELECT TOPICS OF STRABISM: Secondary Exotropia. Author: Arturo Castellanos Bracamontes. Second Edition 2006. Chapter 19. Page 133-136. Editorial composition Laser SA de CV.

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