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Dental Treatment by Periodontist and Orthodontist


In this video, dental director at the medical center talks about his team of periodontists and orthodontist for dental treatments in Turkey.

Dental surgeon also talks about the sterilization and hygienic conditions in the hospital, which is given extra preference in case of international patients.

Check out this video where the dental implant surgeon talks about the affiliations and success rate of the dental implants in the hospital.

Following is the video narration of dental director- Turkey

“As possible we prefer to make the big surgeries in operation rooms in hospital. We prefer to use these possible methodologies for each patient. We have operation nurse also. As you know our hospital is in affiliation with John Hopkins so we have no doubt about sterilization and the hygiene conditions.

About the sterilization and hygiene, we have daily controls in the morning and we also prefer to make extra controls before our international patient operations.

In dental implant operations we, doctor should be sterile also, we care about this. We do not have any operations that is marked as non sterile. So we have connections all time with the hospital infection department so we are sure about it.

Success rate is ninety eight or ninety nine percent as we use the first or second brand name for the dental implants which is…implants sometimes Nobel biocare implants and the procedures are the same.

For international patients we prefer to use…systems. We have a big success rate about this. If patient does not have any illness like diabetes and if the oral condition of the patient is good we give the guarantee for hundred percent.

Before the operation we talk with patient for all the procedure and our guarantee is to, if any problem occurs we pay the flight rates, flight tickets and if any problem occurs, he comes – the patient comes again and he doesn’t have to pay anything and ask for the second operation or something else.

This is bad situation if anything occurs we redo the implant or make another treatment to the patient but our guarantee is the sterilization is very good and our doctors are specialists and the material is very good so we don’t think about the bad situation. For the bridges and the crowns, we prefer to use the brand name …so this is another guarantee for the bridges as the brand gives us the five years guarantee for the material. We use…and Nobel Biocare  and sometimes…”

The surgeon in this video guarantees ninety eight to ninety percent success rate of dental implants. He also talks about the provision of redo surgery in case of one percent chance of failure, that too on the cost of hospital.

The dental expert ensures the use of brand name for dental bridges and crowns, which in turn guarantees the durability of dental implants. Therefore, many patients from different countries come to turkey for quality dental treatment at affordable cost.

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