Dental Implants in Casablanca, Morocco

Dental implants in Casablanca, Morocco, are cost-saving if you can’t afford pricey treatment at home.

The country offers European-standard dental care at affordable rates.[1]Infodent International
Morocco’s Challenging Healthcare
“……the cost of good dentistry is remarkably inexpensive by European standards …”
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Want to restore your smile and save 80% on treatment costs? Read on.

Fun Facts Aboout Dental Implants

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Cost of Dental Implants in Casablanca, Morocco

Dental implants in Morocco are up to 80% cheaper than in the US and UK.

The cost of dental implant in Casablanca is only $650 for a single titanium implant with an abutment & crown.

The same procedure costs $5,000 in the US and $3,300 in the UK, which is 80-87% more expensive.

Even the cost of all on 4 dental implants in Casablanca is just $4,800.

While in the US & UK, you would end up paying $16,000 to $24,000 for it.

This results in up to 80% savings.

See the cost table below for detailed comparisons

Comparison of Dental Implant Cost in Casablanca, Morocco Vs. US Vs. UK
Procedure US UK Casablanca
Titanium dental implant* $5,000 $3,300 $650
All on 4 implants** $24,000 $16,000 $4,800
All on 6 implants** $28,000 $18,000 $5,800
All on 8 implants** $35,000 $20,000 $6,750
Mini dental implants $1,500 $1,700 $500
Snap-on denture (2-4 implants) $8,500 $7,300 $2,400
Bone graft (per unit) $1,600 $1,100 $380
Sinus lift $1,800 $1,450 $480
*Includes abutment & crown **Fixed hybrid acrylic bridge per jaw
Dental Implant Brands: Biotech Dental, Zinedent, Maco Dental Care
*Casablanca dentist prices are case dependent

Now that you know the cost-effectiveness of choosing dental work in Casablanca, why delay?

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Does Insurance Cover Dental Implant in Casablanca?

Dental insurance usually covers a portion of the total implant cost.

The reimbursement percentage may vary based on the procedure.

On average, you can expect reimbursement of around $1,500 per implant annually.

If your implant work spans two calendar years, you may be eligible to receive reimbursement for both years.

Dental implant expenses are eligible for coverage under FSA, HRA, HSA

They either pay for the expenses incurred for dental implants or reimburse the costs.

Source: Forbes[2]Forbes
How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In 2023?
“ dental insurance typically pays for a small portion of the total cost of implants…$1,500 per implant, per year…FSAs), health reimbursement accounts (HRAs…”
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Note: Dental implant clinics in Casablanca can help with paperwork for insurance reimbursement of your dental bills.

The low cost of dental implants is not the only reason Casablanca’s dental tourism is popular.

Learn about the other reasons next.

Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants in Casablanca

Huge Savings

Huge savings | Dental implants in Casablanca
Dental implants in Casablanca are up to 80% less than in the US/UK.

Quality Dentistry

Quality dentistry | Dental implants in Casablanca
Morocco offers top-notch dental care with European standards.[3]Infodent International
Morocco’s Challenging Healthcare
“There is a high number of highly qualified dentists, many of whom have trained in France and the cost of good dentistry is remarkably inexpensive by European standards …”
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Safe Destination

Dental implants in Casablanca | Safe destination
Casablanca has a low crime rate, making it a safe destination for travelers.[4]Travel Safe Abroad
How Safe Is Casablanca for Travel?
“…Casablanca is considered, overall, a safe city. It is relatively low in crime,…”
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Relaxing Holiday

Relaxing holiday | Dental implants in Casablanca
With modern sophistication & African charm, it’s an ideal place to unwind.[5]Travel & Tour World:
African city Casablanca serves as the best choice for business travellers
“provide the perfect place to relax … offering a unique combination of modern sophistication and traditional African charm.”
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Thus, Casablanca stands out as the ideal destination for affordable dental implants in Morocco.

Wondering where to get your teeth done in Casablanca?

We have handpicked the top dental clinic and dentist in the city just for you.

Keep reading to find out more.

Best Dental Clinics in Casablanca for Dental Implants

For top-quality care and advanced technology, we recommend Swiss Dental Clinic.

With skilled dentists and a focus on patient satisfaction, it’s among the best dental implant clinics in Casablanca, Morocco.

Explore the clinic’s services and facilities below.

Swiss Dental Clinic

Location: 25 mins drive from Casablanca Airport (CMN).

  • Practice modern dentistry with advanced equipment
  • Provides painless treatment using high-quality anesthesia
  • Offer one year warranty on dental treatments.
  • English-speaking staff

Swiss dental clinic in Casablanca, Morocco

Swiss Dental Clinic

Who will perform your dental implant treatment?

Read the next section to find out!

Top Dentist in Casablanca, Morocco

Getting low-cost dental implants in Casablanca is easy.

But you must ensure that the dentists are skilled and experienced.

Here is the best dentist in Casablanca, known for safe and successful treatments.

Dr. Charafi Aziz – Prosthodontist

Dr. Charafi Aziz | Best dentist in Casablanca, Morocco

Experience: 10 years


  • University degree in implant and periodontal surgery
  • University degree in dental and maxillofacial radiology
  • University degree in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics
  • Certified in dental veneers and smile design

Want a consultation with one of the best dentists in Morocco?

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You know about the top clinic and dentist offering dental tourism in Casablanca.

Now, let’s look at what their patients have said about them.

Casablanca Dental Implants – Patient Reviews

Salima sadif
(Google Reviews)

“Impeccable service & their dentists are very competent & very friendly, I recommend 👍🏻 “

Dounia Khayat
(Google Reviews)

“A great professionalism, coupled with competence, active listening, kindness…”

(Google Reviews)

“Very serious clinic, professional and qualified team, quality care. Excellent performance!”

Here are some before and after pictures of our patients who had dental implants in Casablanca.

Teeth Implants in Casablanca – Before & After

Dental implants with ceramic rehabiltation

Implants with Ceramic Rehabiltation

Full moith dental implants - Before and After

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Ready for a dazzling smile like theirs?

Let’s start by exploring popular dental implant types.

Types of Dental Implants in Casablanca, Morocco

Dental clinics in Casablanca offer a variety of dental implants tailored to individual needs.

Here are some common types.

Single Tooth Implants in Casablanca

Ideal for: Single tooth loss

How does it work?

First, your Morocco dentist will surgically fix the implant in your jawbone.

After the implant successfully fuses with the bone, it serves as the new “root.

A crown, also called cap, is attached to the implant to replace the lost tooth.

Sing;le dental implant in Casablanca, Morocco

Single Dental Implant

120 million Americans miss at least one tooth.[6]Forbes
Dental Bridge: Everything You Need To Know
“…120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth…”
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Implant Supported Bridge in Casablanca

Ideal for: Multiple tooth loss in a row

How does it work?

Here, an implant-supported bridge uses dental implants to connect crowns instead of attaching them to natural teeth.

This option helps you to replace multiple missing teeth in a row.

It avoids the cost of each tooth replacement.

Implant supported bridge in Casablanca, Morocco

Implant Supported Bridge

US adults aged 20 – 64 have an average of 24.92 permanent teeth instead of 32, meaning several never erupted or were lost.[7]Forbes
Dental Bridge: Everything You Need To Know
“U.S. adults aged 20 to 64 had an average of just 24.92 permanent teeth, …”
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But what happens if you are missing most or all of your teeth?

You might require the following alternative.

Full Mouth Dental Implants in Casablanca

Alternative names: Full mouth crown and bridge implants, full-arch implants

Ideal for: Major tooth loss

How does it work?

They are quite similar to single-tooth implants.

  • Each row of teeth is supported by 4 to 8 implants that are fixed in the gum to provide stability.
  • The implants replace the roots and fuse with the jawbones.
  • After healing, the Casablanca dentist attaches replacement teeth to the implant anchors.
  • The replacement teeth can be a dental bridge or custom dentures.

Types of Full Mouth Implants

Various full arch implant options are available based on your needs and oral health condition.

Here are some common types of full mouth dental implants in Casablanca:

All on 4
The upper/lower set of teeth is replaced with 4 implants. All on 4 dental implants in Casablanca, Morocco
All on 6
6 implants in a single arch support a full set of teeth. All on 6 dental implants in Casablanca, Morocco
All on 8
Replacement of all the missing teeth in a jaw with 8 implants.
All on 8 dental implants in Casablanca, Morocco

Full Mouth Restoration in Casablanca

Alternative names: Full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation

Full mouth rehab involves various dental professionals working together to restore the entire mouth.

  • General or restorative dentists perform procedures such as crowns, bridges, and veneers
  • Periodontists treat gum-related issues during FMR.
  • Oral surgeons handle complex surgical procedures that may be required
  • Endodontists perform root canal treatment, if necessary.

Full mouth dental implants in Casablanca, Morocco

Full Mouth DEntal Implants
  • Orthodontists contribute to aligning the teeth properly during the reconstruction process

The combined expertise of these professionals ensures comprehensive care for successful FMR.[8]Full Mouth Reconstruction
Cosmetic Guide to Dentistry
“Full mouth reconstruction typically involves general or restorative dentists (performing procedures like crowns, bridges….”
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Want to know the difference between full-mouth dental implants and full-mouth restoration?

Let’s explore them in the upcoming section.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Vs. Full Mouth Restoration (FMR)

Full-mouth dental implants specifically focus on replacing missing teeth with implants.

While FMR involves a comprehensive approach to restore your:[9]ACP
Full Mouth Reconstruction
“Full mouth reconstructions combine esthetics with the science of restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and beauty of the mouth.”
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  • overall oral health
  • function, and
  • aesthetics of the entire mouth.

Both involve multiple treatments.

But the procedures involved vary based on your oral health and desired outcomes.

Hence, a thorough examination and consultation with your Morocco dentist are necessary to determine the right treatment plan.

Mini Dental Implants in Casablanca

Mini dental implants are ideal if you have insufficient bone mass for regular implants.

They have a similar structure to regular implants but are smaller.

Mini implants offer:[10]NCBI
Dental Mini-Implants
“These implants are associated with immediate stability, high survival rates, favorable marginal bone loss, less postoperative discomfort, and increased satisfaction and quality of life of patients.”
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  • High survival rates
  • Minimal post-operative discomfort, and
  • Improved patient satisfaction and quality of life.

Plus, they are cost-effective and less time-consuming to place compared to regular implants.[12]Colgate
What Are Mini Dental Implants?
“Plus, they’re less expensive and less time-consuming to place than the conventional alternative. ”
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Mini dental implants in Casablanca

Mini DEntal Implants

Standard implants typically range from 1.8 mm to 7 mm in diameter. Mini implants are less than 3 mm in size.[13]NCBI
Dental Mini-Implants
“Available implants vary in diameter from 1.8 mm to 7 mm. The mini implant is a dental implant that is fabricated with a reduced diameter (less than 3 mm) ”
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Implant Supported Dentures in Casablanca

Alternative names: Snap-on dentures, overdentures

Overdentures are held in place by remaining teeth or metal posts implanted in the jawbone.

To fit these dentures, the dentist inserts metal posts into the jawbone.

The full replacement teeth snap onto extensions that protrude from the gums.

Implant-supported dentures retain bone mass, while conventional dentures can weaken and cause loss of jawbone.

Source: Colgate[14]Colgate
The Pros And Cons Of Snap-On Dentures
“To fit snap-on dentures, … surgical procedure to insert implants into the jawbone….inserting implants into the gums helps retain bone mass, …”
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Overdenture in Casablanca, Morocco


Additional Procedures for Dental Implant Surgery in Casablanca

Bone loss occurs when you neglect long-term tooth loss.

So, additional procedures may be necessary to restore the bone when dental implants are needed.

These procedures include the following:

Bone Graft

The procedure involves using transplanted bone to repair and regenerate the missing jawbone.[15]AAID
Dental Implants Without Bone: What Are My Options?
“Bone grafting is a procedure that uses transplanted bone to repair and grow missing jawbone.”
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Bone Graft for Dental Implants

Sinus Lift

It adds bone beneath the sinus when natural bone has deteriorated from missing upper back teeth.[16]AAID
Types of Implants & Techniques
“…, this involves adding bone below the sinus in cases where natural bone has deteriorated due to missing upper back teeth….”
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Sinus Lift

After learning about different dental implant options in Casablanca, you may wonder about your eligibility for teeth implants.

Requirements for Dental Implant in Casablanca

You can replace your missing teeth with implants if:

  • You’re in good general and oral health.
  • You have adequate jaw bone to support the implant.
  • You have healthy gum tissues without periodontal disease.
Source: AAP[17]AAP
Dental Implant Procedures
“You’re an ideal candidate for a dental implant if: You’re in good general and oral health….”
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Dental implant

Dental Implant Candidacy

Want to know more? Determine your candidacy for implants by scheduling a call.

Though a dental implant is an outpatient procedure, it requires several appointments.[18]VerywellHealth
Dental Implant Procedure
“A dental implant procedure is an outpatient surgery. Getting dental implants requires several appointments”
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The next section covers what to expect during the procedure, recovery, and aftercare.


Procedure for Dental Implant in Casablanca

Dental implant surgery typically involves the following steps:[19]Forbes
Dental Implants: What You Need To Know
“Here are the steps you can expect to undergo for a dental implant surgery:…”
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Dental exam: Assess oral health & devise a treatment plan

Preparatory treatments (if needed): Extractions, additional procedures like bone graft*/ sinus lift to build up bone

Implant placement: The implant is surgically fixed into the jaw bone.

Healing period: The bone grows around the implant (osseointegration process) in 2-3 months

Abutment added: The abutment is attached and left to heal for 4 – 6 weeks

Impression taking: Molds or digital impressions of existing teeth and jaw are taken

Crown placement: A custom crown is then attached to the abutment, matching the color, shape, and size of neighboring teeth.

*small bone grafts are performed along with dental implant surgery

Watch the below videos to see how dental implants are placed for a single missing tooth and full arch missing teeth.

Single Dental Implant Procedure
 All-on-4 for Full Arch Missing Teeth. Video Courtesy: Nobel Biocare


Recovery After Dental Implant in Casablanca

  • After implant placement, you may experience bruising, swelling, slight bleeding, and pain.
  • With IV sedation, you may feel groggy for a few hours.
  • During the healing process, you may be advised to consume soft foods, cold items, and warm soups.
  • Your dentist may suggest OTC medications to ease pain.

Dental implant recovery

Dental Implant Recovery
Source: VeryWellHealth[20]VeryWellHealth
Dental Implant Procedure:
“If your dentist uses IV sedation, you’ll feel a little groggy for several hours. After the implants are placed, you may experience some bruising, swelling, minor bleeding, and pain. You may be advised to eat soft foods, cold foods…”
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Aftercare Tips for Dental Implants

Immediately after your surgery, the dental implant care process will start.

Here are some tips for post-procedure care.[21]Teethtoday
After-care tips for dental implant treatments
“As healing begins, these are a few of the important topics they will discuss:…swelling..Cool the external treatment area with ice or cool packs…”
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  • Apply ice or cool packs externally to prevent swelling of gums & face
  • Take the prescribed pain medications to manage pain
  • Avoid using oral rinses in the initial hours after the operation to prevent bleeding.
  • Sitting is preferable to lying down. Avoid lying on the side where the dental implant was placed.
  • Do not use a toothbrush in the dental implant area until the stitches are removed..
  • Avoid hot drinks, spicy, acidic, crunchy, or hard foods during the first day.
  • Avoid alcohol, nicotine, coffee, black tea, and physical exertion for the initial few days after the surgery.

Do’s and Dont’s After Dental Implants

Video Courtesy: ERemedium

Long-term Care

Dental implants require the same dental hygiene as your natural teeth.

To maintain them:

  • Brush twice a day
  • Floss regularly, and
  • Schedule routine follow-up appointments with your dentist.

Dental implants are not prone to tooth decay but can be affected by periodontal disease.
So, it is important to maintain good dental care.

Source: VeryWellHealth[22]VeryWellHealth
Dental Implant Procedure
“Dental implants typically require the same dental hygiene as your regular teeth. To keep them healthy, brush your teeth twice a day, floss….Dental implants don’t get tooth decay, but they can be impacted by periodontal disease,…”
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Curious about the dental implant procedure timeline? Check the next section.

How Long Does it Take to Get Dental Implants in Casablanca?

Your length of stay in Casablanca, Morocco, depends on the implant procedure you’re getting.

After a single dental implant or mini implant procedure, you can leave Casablanca in 2 days.

However, for extensive procedures like all-on-4, you may need to stay for 14 days or more.

Your surgeon will advise on your stay duration based on your circumstances.

Here is the estimated timeframe for teeth implants in Casablanca

Procedure Duration
Titanium implant with abutment and crown 2 days
Mini dental implant 2 days
All on 4 14 days
All on 6 14 days
All on 8 14 days
Bone graft 3 to 4 days
Sinus lift 3 to 4 days
*Exact timeline may vary based on individual circumstances

Before getting Casablanca dental implants, it’s important to understand the procedure’s risks and benefits.

Benefits & Risks of Dental Implants

Dental implants can greatly improve your quality of life and oral health.

However, complications can arise in dental implant cases.

These complications can occur either shortly after implant placement or at a later stage.

Now, let’s examine the benefits and risks of dental implants[23]FDA
Dental Implants: What You Should Know
“Benefits of Dental Implant Systems:….Restores the ability to chew…Risks Associated…Damage to surrounding natural teeth …”
View in Article
in detail below.


  • Restores bite force
  • Restores cosmetic appearance
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Keeps nearby teeth stable
  • Improves quality of life


  • Inadequate function
  • Damage to nearby teeth or tissues
  • Untreated gum disease
  • Post-surgical numbness
  • Implant failure

Always inform the medical team about your dental implants before MRI or X-ray procedures.

Implants can distort or interfere with the images, although no adverse events have been reported.[24]FDA
Dental Implants: What You Should Know
“Dental implants can distort or interfere with these images. FDA is not aware of any adverse events reported for MRI or x-ray procedures…”
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Curious about the success rates of dental implants? Find the answers in the following section.

How Successful are Dental Implants?

Dental implant success rates vary based on the implant location in the jaw.

But generally, they have a success rate of up to 98%.

The graph below shows implant survival rates from a 2021 study that examined the longevity of 10,871 implants over 22 years.[25]NCBI
Long term clinical performance of 10 871 dental implants
“…the implant level the cumulative survival rate at 3, 5, 10, and 15 years was 98.9%, 98.5%, 96.8%, and 94.0%….”
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Dental Implant Survival Rate

Longevity of Dental Implants

Planning a dental trip to Casablanca?

Let’s explore the best ways to reach the city and simplify your travel planning!

Travel Guide for Dental Work in Casablanca, Morocco (2023)

This guide offers essential information on reaching Casablanca, entry requirements, getting around, and more.

Let’s get started!

How to Reach Casablanca?

To reach the city, you can fly or take a ferry.

However, flying is more convenient option for dental work in Casablanca.

Casablanca is the main airport and hub for Morocco’s national carrier, Royal Air Maroc (RAM).[26]Frommers
Getting There in Morocco
“’Casablanca is the country’s major airport and hub for the national carrier, Royal Air Maroc.”
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Now, let’s check the flight schedules from the US, Canada, and Europe to Casablanca Airport (CMN).

From the US & Canada

Flight Travel from the US/Canada

RAM offers non-stop flights to Casablanca from New York and Montreal.[27]Viva Morocco
Getting to Morocco
“From Montreal and New York, non-stop flights are bin run by RAM (Royal Air Maroc) to Casablanca”
View in Article

On direct flights, traveling from the US/Canada to Casablanca typically takes around 7 hours.

Refer to the table below to know the details.

Flights to Casablanca International Airport (CMN)
Origin Duration Stops
San Francisco (SFO) 5 hr 55 min 1 stop (Layover- Paris)
Washington (IAD) 11 hr 40 min 1 stop (Layover- Lisbon)
Chicago (CRD) 13 hr 50 min 1 stop (Layover- Madrid)
New York (JFK) 6 hr 50 min Non-stop
Montreal (YUL) 6 hr 40 min Non-stop

From European countries

Flight Travel from Europe

Many flights to Morocco include layovers in Europe.

RAM operates daily non-stop flights from London to Casablanca.

In addition, tour operators such as First Choice from Britain or Sunway from Ireland offer charter flights.

These are not available year-round and are pricier than scheduled services.[28]RoughGuides
How to get to Morocco
“Royal Air Maroc run direct scheduled flights daily from London Heathrow to Casablanca, …charter flights run by tour operators such as First Choice from Britain or Sunway…not especially cheaper than scheduled services…’”
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Flights from European Countries to Casablanca International Airport (CMN)
Origin Duration Stops
Spain (MAD) 1 hr 50 min Non-stop
France (ORY) 3 hr Non-stop
Italy (FCO) 3 hr 20 min Non-stop
Belgium (BRU) 3 hr 25 min Non-stop
London (LHR) 3 hr 25 min Non-stop
Ireland (DUB) 5 hr 25 min 1 stop (Layover – Portugal)

Entry Requirements

Citizens of the US, Canada, and European Union countries can enter Casablanca without a visa for stays of up to 90 days.

However, a valid passport with at least six months of validity is required for entry into the country.

As entry and exit conditions can change at any time, check the below websites before departure:

  • Moroccan Ministry of Health
  • National Tourism Office websites
Source: Travel.State.Gov,[29]Travel.State.Gov
“Must have at least six months of validity at time of entry…Tourist visa… Not required for stays under 90 days…”
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Morocco Ministry of Foreign Affairs[30]Morocco Ministry of Foreign Affairs
List of countries whose citizens are exempted from entry visa into Morocco
“United States of America, United Kingdom, France…”
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Getting Around Casablanca

The city has a well-developed transportation network for convenient travel.

Have a look at the different options available.[31]
Transports in Casablanca
“city has a fairly developed transportation network with buses, tramways, taxis, ..traveling by bus is relatively cheap, 3 Dhs per trip….”
View in Article


Casa bus

Bus travel is affordable, costing only 0.8 USD per trip.


Tramway in Casablanca

Casa Tramway is super-modern & connects all corners of the city.[32]World Travel Guide
Getting Around Casablanca
“Casa Tramway is super modern which connects the…”
View in Article

Petit Taxis

Petit taxi in Casablanca

These red-painted taxis carry up to 3 passengers & operate within the city’s urban area.

Grand Taxis

Grand taxi in Casablanca

These white taxis carry up to 6 passengers & provide inter-urban connections.

Dental Tourism in Casablanca, Morocco

Did you know? Morocco is the third-best country for tourism in Africa and the fourth-best for trade.[33]VisaCent
Morocco Is Third Most Attractive Tourist Destination In Africa
“…the third best country for tourism in Africa and the fourth best for trade…”
View in Article

It is Morocco’s largest city and serves as the country’s economic capital.[34]Morocco Wolrd News:
Travel to Morocco
“The biggest city in Morocco and the country’s economic capital, Casablanca has much to offer and many places to visit during your travel to Morocco. ”
View in Article

The city offers numerous attractions and places to visit during your dental trip to Morocco.

Ready to explore Morocco’s cosmopolitan city?

Here are some key points to know about tourism in Casablanca.


Top Sights in Casablanca

After you get your dental implants, Casablanca can offer you an enjoyable vacation!

Discover these 4 must-visit spots in Casablanca during your dental trip.

Hassan ii Mosque

Hassan ii Mosque | Dental Tourism in Casablanca, Morocco
The third-largest mosque in the world, open to non-Muslim visitors.

La corniche

La corniche | Dental Tourism in Casablanca, Morocco
It’s a beachfront district, with the Atlantic Ocean as its backdrop.

Morocco Mall

Morocco Mall | Dental Tourism in Casablanca, Morocco
Africa’s largest shopping center, located at the end of La Corniche.

Central Market

Central Market | Dental Tourism in Casablanca, Morocco
The market is built in the distinctive Mauresque architectural style.

Source: Morocco World News,[35]Morocco World News
Travel to Morocco
“Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque is the third-largest mosque in the world and one that is open to non-Muslim visitors…Casablanca’s famous beachfront district, La corniche, is a place you can visit any time …”
View in Article
The Culture Trip,[36]The Culture Trip
The Best Things to See and Do in Casablanca
“Located at the end of La Corniche area is Morocco Mall, the biggest shopping centre in Africa.”
View in Article
12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Casablanca
“The market itself is built in the distinctive Mauresque architectural style …”
View in Article


Must-Try Dishes in Casablanca

Moroccan cuisine features bold flavors, fragrant spices, and unique ingredient combinations.

Don’t miss trying these foods:


Couscous | Moroccan cuisine


Tangine | Moroccan cuisine


Harira | Moroccan cuisine


Pastilla | Moroccan cuisine


Travel Tips for Getting Teeth Implants in Casablanca

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Casablanca is May to October, as these are the driest months of the year.


Country code: +212, Area code: 22


The supply is 220 V, 50 Hz. Two-hole sockets are common. Adapters are required.

Time Zone

GMT during Ramadan and GMT+1 for the rest of the year.

SIM Card

Prepaid Moroccan SIM cards are available at Maroc Telecom, INWI, and Orange stores.


  • The Moroccan Dirham is Morocco’s official currency.
  • ATMs are widely used, and credit cards are generally accepted in major city restaurants and tourist areas.

Dress Code

  • Modest dressing is advised, with long sleeves and avoiding shorts for both men and women.
  • It is also recommended to avoid wearing expensive designer items.
Source: ArrivalGuides[38]ArrivalGuides
Best Time Visit
“The best time to visit Casablanca is the period from May to October, as these are the driest months of the year”
View in Article
[39]Arrival Guides
Dress Code
“ It is advised to dress modestly: wear long sleeves and avoid shorts, for both men and women. It is also recommended to not wear expensive designer goods.”
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Accommodations for Dental Work in Casablanca

Here are the recommended hotels for an all-inclusive dental vacation in Casablanca.

Ibis Casa Sidi Maarouf

4.3 ⭐⭐⭐ (1,791 Reviews)
Address: La Colline Ii, Rte de Nouasseur, Casablanca 20190

Mövenpick Casablanca
4.3 ⭐⭐⭐ (3,091 Reviews)
Address: Ave Hassan II, Casablanca 20070, Morocco

Le Casablanca Hotel

4.4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (1,058 Reviews)
Address: 19 Bd Moulay Rachid, Casablanca 20660, Morocco

Kenzi Tower Hotel
4.2 ⭐⭐ (1,578 Reviews)
Address: Casablanca Twin Center, Bd Mohd Zerktouni, Casablanca 21000.

FAQs About Dental Implants in Casablanca, Morocco

How much is average cost for dental implants in Casablanca, Morocco?

The average cost of dental implants in Casablanca is one-fourth of the prices in the US/UK.

For more clarity, let’s compare the cost savings for dental implants in Casablanca with those in the US/UK.

Procedure Cost in Casablanca Savings
Single dental implant $650 80-87%
All-on-4 implants $4,800 70-80%
All-on-6 implants $5,800 68-79%
All-on-8 implants $6,750 66-80%
Mini dental implants $500 65-70%

How much is all on 4 in Casablanca, Morocco?

The cost of all on 4 dental implants in Casablanca is $4,800.

While in the US & UK, the same procedure can reach up to $24,000

This means you save up to 80% in Casablanca!

Similarly, the cost of all on 6 and all on 8 dental implants in Casablanca is $5,800 & $6,750, respectively.

However, the cost ranges from $18,000 to $35,000 in the US/UK.

That’s a 75% savings in Casablanca!

How can I pay for my dental work in Casablanca?

Dental work in Casablanca is made easier with various payment methods available.

You can pay via cash, debit/credit cards, or bank transfers.

If paying the full amount upfront is challenging, financing options or medical loans (SuperMoney) are available for your convenience.

Do implant dentists in Casablanca speak English?

Yes, our partner dentists in Casablanca are fluent in English.

They have over a decade of experience treating dental tourists.

Additionally, Moroccan doctors are fluent in English, as most have received their education abroad.[40]Expat Medicare
The health costs in Morocco
“…these professionals speak French or English, because most have studied abroad….”
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Is dental implant cheap in Casablanca, Morocco?

Yes, dental implants in Casablanca are 70 to 80% cheaper than in the US ad UK.

The cost of a single dental implant in Casablanca is only $650, while it costs $5,000 in the US & $3,000 in the UK.

Similarly, if you want full mouth restoration in Casablanca, you will have to pay only ¼ th of what you will pay in the US/UK.

The price differences are clearly shown in the cost comparison table.

Are dental implants in Casablanca safe?

Yes, getting tooth implants in Casablanca is safe if you visit reputable clinics and qualified dentists.

Dentists at our recommended clinic are qualified and have 10+ years of experience.

They use the latest technology and adhere to strict sterilization protocols for safe treatments.

Furthermore, Casablanca is considered a safe city with relatively low crime rates.[41]Travel Safe Abroad
How Safe Is Casablanca for Travel?
“It is generally known that Casablanca is considered, overall, a safe city. It is relatively low in crime,”
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All these factors make Casablanca a safe destination for getting dental implants.


Say goodbye to missing teeth and dentures with affordable dental implants in Casablanca, Morocco.

You’ll receive top-quality care and treatments from leading dentists and a relaxing vacation as a bonus.

Want your beautiful smile back with all-inclusive dental implant packages in Casablanca?

Contact us today to start organizing your trip.


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