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All-on-4 Fixed Dental Implants

Why settle for all-on-4 dental implant procedure, when you can have an all-on-8 dental implant procedure?

The dispersion of force is one of the most important issues on the longevity of the restorations. Eight Implants provide a better support & dispersion of force compared to just 4 implants.

Table below compares all on 4 dental implant procedure with all on 8 dental implant procedure.

Key facts Clear Choice USA (All-on-4) New Smile Costa Rica (All-on-8)
Dental Implants
How many dental implants are placed? 4 dental implants 8 dental implants
Dental Implants manufacturer Nobel
Dental Implant technology Immediate load Immediate load
ADA accreditation Yes Yes
Appointments & Time
Appointments required More than 10 Only 3
Time procedure About six months 10 days
Results & Procedure
Permanent Teeth material Acrylic dentures Dental Bridge w/ crowns
Tooth extraction Yes, in all cases Only if absolutely neccesary
How many appointments? More than 10 3
Need Surgery? Yes Not, at all
Temporaries wearing time 6 months 6 days
Bone removal surgery required? Yes, in all cases Not at all
Can you eat immediately? Yes, liquid diet Yes, all types of food
Are smokers accepted? Not at all Yes
Available financing Yes Yes
Price (US dollars)
Lower or Upper restoration $20,000 – $30,000 Save 70%. Request Quote Now
Full Mouth restoration price $40,000 – $60,000 Save 70%. Request Quote Now

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