X-ray Duplication and Medical Images Digitizing Services

Medical tourism requires the patients to send his or her reports to the doctor in another country. These medical records or reports could be x-rays, digital images and medical reports.

Digital duplication of x-rays, MRIs, CT scans and PETs for both medical and litigation purposes need to be of top notch quality. With xraycopy services comes a guarantee of high quality, clear image duplication. They have an experience of over 30 years. Not only are they pocket friendly, the quality and safety is a testament to time.

Client’s confidentiality is duly taken care of and all the work is performed by a licensed radiology professional. The original record is copied and the documents are sent back within a span of 24 hours, making this service very quick, efficient and reliable. Services include x-ray duplication (both on film and on CDs), x-ray digital to film and x-ray film to digital.

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