Which Weight Loss Surgery Is Best For You – Bariatric Surgeon, Costa Rica

The video shows a bariatric surgeon from Costa Rica discussing patient selection criteria for weight loss. So before you set flying to get gastric sleeve in Costa Rica, ask yourself – “have I weighed other options?”


Following is the video narration:

“Every single procedure is very specific for every single patient. That’s why we have to choose very good what the patient wants and what is better for them. In our specific case, my team, we make case execution of every single patient on basis of age, weight loss that they want to achieve and also the diet that they’re taking, some other diseases like, diabetes, high blood pressure…or some other things.

“I think sleeve gastrectomy is one of the surgeries that we can achieve very good weight loss and also we can achieve metabolic results, we can change that very easily with that.”

Affordability, competence, and brilliant infrastructure are fuelling the growth ofmedical tourism in Costa Rica. So, if you’re confused over the decision – to go or not to go – big savings aside, bank on it that a medical trip to this tropical country would have a sanative effect on the healing.

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