Weight Loss Surgery in Amman, Jordan

Traveling to Jordan for weight loss surgery is a low cost, manageable solution for people suffering from obesity, who cannot afford the exorbitant cost of bariatric surgery in their native countries. Getting bariatric surgery abroad could be an affordable choice, and if you search well, you may be able to find a high-quality hospital.

Medical tourists are able to receive weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass, gastric banding, and gastric sleeve that drastically improve the quality of life and overall health of overweight people, without having to wait or sacrifice comfort and quality of care.
Weight Loss Surgery - Jordan

Weight Loss Surgery Procedures Available in Jordan

Bariatric surgery is a blanket term for weight loss procedures performed on patients who have otherwise struggled to lose weight through traditional means such as exercise and diet. Once you decide on getting your weight loss surgery in Jordan, there are several types of surgeries that a bariatric surgeon can help you choose from, to ensure you receive the treatment best suited for your needs.

Lap Gastric Bypass

  • Otherwise known as a Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, the laparoscopic portion of the name refers to the procedure’s use of a tiny video camera and several thin instruments, making it a minimally invasive procedure.
  • Bariatric surgeons place surgical staples across the top of the stomach limit the amount of food the stomach can hold to around an ounce.
  • Redirects the way food is processed by the stomach to restrict the body’s calorie absorption.

The cost of gastric bypass in Jordan is just a fraction of what it is in more affluent nations, and by opting to get your  surgery in this Middle Eastern country, you could get to save thousands in treatment costs.

Lap Band in Jordan

  • One of the most popular bariatric surgeries available, lap band surgery involves placement of a band on the upper part of the stomach and restricts the amount of food the stomach can hold.
  • The exorbitant cost of lap band in American and European countries may keep many obesity sufferers from opting for it, but gastric banding in Amman, Jordan could be an affordable choice for lap-band seekers.

Gastric Sleeve

  • Generally performed on patients who are considered to be higher risk.
  • A part of the stomach is surgically removed to decrease its size, and consequently, the food holding capacity.
  • Gastric sleeve surgery can provide a loss of up to 30 to 50% of excess body weight in the course of 6 to 12 months.

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Bariatric Surgeons in Jordan

Hospitals in Jordan employ attentive, dedicated surgeons, many of whom are affiliated with world health care societies. The popularity of bariatric surgery means that the medical professionals are well experienced, knowledgeable, and have a high success rate. In addition, the influx of medical tourism means that many of the doctors and health care professionals can speak multiple languages, allowing foreign patients to communicate with ease and clarity.

Why get Weight Loss Surgery in Jordan?

  • Jordan is at the forefront of medical treatment in the Middle East, boasting of many world-class hospitals and surgeons.
  • Bariatric surgery in Jordan can cost as low as 25% of the same procedures in the United States.
  • Advanced technological and healthcare standards provide safe and comfortable medical facilities, meaning the low cost of bariatric surgery does not equate to a lower standard of care.
  • In addition to being an affordable place to have weight reduction surgery, Amman, Jordan has many historical attractions such as Roman Theatre and Citadel Hill. City tours of historic sites, spas, and museums are a few of the other unique attractions.
  • Amman is a popular tourist destination and has a large number of high-class hotels. For longer stays, it’s possible to rent apartments by the month.

Tips for Traveling to Jordan for Bariatric Surgery

  • A passport and a visa are required to enter Jordan. Upon arrival, US citizens can get a visa at most international ports of entry as well as at most international land border crossings for a small fee.
  • Arabic is the national language of Jordan, but many Jordanians speak English. Hospitals and doctors are usually able to converse in English and language interpreters are arranged, should there be any communication problem.
  • Jordanian culture is very kind and respectful. If you plan to visit any of their important historic or religious sites, remember to dress modestly in respect of their culture.

Medical intervention is important for many people struggling with obesity, andmedical tourism in Amman, Jordan is a safe, affordable, and smart choice for anyone unable to afford these procedures in their native countries.
Bariatric surgery in Jordan can not only provide an affordable solution to your excessive weight issues, it will also provide an opportunity to experience the intriguing Middle Eastern culture.

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