Vitrectomy Surgery in Turkey

The video shows a top officer of a leading eye hospital in Turkey talking about the Vitrectomy eye surgery and why its success rate at the hospital is very high.

Video Narration

“Vitrectomy is like other retinal surgeries, is very complex and should be dealt with by doctors who specialize in this field. We have specialized ophthalmologists who’re surgeons who’ve done various cases, almost hundreds and thousands of cases of

“Vitrectomy who’re currently dealing with this type of surgery. The difference of the group is that the surgeons who perform these surgeries don’t do it once in a month or once in a year, they do it daily, so the complex cases that arrive to us are taken care of by a medical team which has seen those cases several times before and which has operated on them various times before and therefore the success rate that we have is significantly high.”

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