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Vitrectomy Eye Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico

Vitrectomy in TJ, MexicoIn recent years, the medical tourism industry in Tijuana, Mexico has experienced a significant boom. The appeal of low cost treatments including vitrectomy eye surgery in Tijuana – Mexico has American citizens from San Ysidro in San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Palm Springs in California and Yuma in Arizona flocking south of the border for getting treated in droves.

Besides the affordable cost of vitrectomy surgery in Tijuana, medical tourists are also attracted by the modern hospitals, world-class surgeons, sunny weather, and proximity of the Mexican border city to many southwest cities in the US.

About Vitrectomy Eye Surgery

  • Vitrectomy involves surgically removing the vitreous gel from the middle of the eye and is typically performed when there is a retinal detachment.
  • Using small medical tools, the surgeon will cut the vitreous gel in the eye and remove it. Laser may also be used to repair the retina.
  • Vitrectomy can help treat retinal detachment and tears and reduce vision loss for patients with vitreous hemorrhage.
  • Vitrectomy is usually an outpatient procedure. The complete healing time typically takes from one month to six weeks. Patients should take care to follow their surgeon’s post-surgical instructions.

Benefits of Vitrectomy Eye Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico

  • You will not have to worry about breaking the bank, as the vitrectomy cost in Tijuana – Mexico can be 30%-50% less than it would be in the United States. You can easily obtain a free online estimate for an all-inclusive medical tourism package to Tijuana.
  • One of the primary reasons for undergoing vitrectomy eye surgery in Tijuana is the high quality eye surgery available here. One can get vitrectomy, LASIK, LASER, cataract surgery in Mexico from an experienced and skilled surgeon.
  • The cost of living in Tijuana is less than in the US and Canada. Besides affordable vitrectomy eye surgery prices in Tijuana – Mexico, you can enjoy low costs for other things as well such as food, transportation, and lodging.
  • City of Tijuana - MexicoOne has access to top-notch medical facilities for treatments such as vitrectomy for floaters in Tijuana, Mexico. The major Tijuana hospitals use top-of-the-line equipment and technology for complex procedures. Mexico’s skyline is dominated by modern hospitals today, many of which are JCI-accredited. Hence, be it vitrectomy in Cancun or Tijuana, you can look forward to quality care at the hands of a competent staff.
  • If you’re seeking more than one procedure, you can save significantly by undergoing both procedures in one vacation. For example, less complex procedures such as dental implants and crowns in Tijuana could be combined with your eye surgery so you could save time and money by undergoing back-to-back procedures.
  • As Tijuana lies on the Mexican-United States border, it is a short trip away from San Diego, Los Angeles, and other cities in California. This allows you to save on travel costs for pars plana vitrectomy in Tijuana – Mexico.
  • There is no need to fear a language barrier when going for surgery for vitreous humor removal in Tijuana, as quite a few of the local doctors can speak fluent English. There are also multilingual translators available in some of the leading hospitals.
  • Waiting periods are a thing of the past when in Mexico, as you can easily schedule your surgery there.

Making the Most of you Trip to Tijuana

  • You may want to avoid traveling for eye surgery in Tijuana between early March and late April, as the majority of spring breakers hit the city for vacation during that time. Weather-wise, it is ideal to visit Tijuana between fall and early spring, when the weather is more moderate.
  • You should ensure you take the proper travel documentation with you before you travel so that you can get back into the United States. You should take a passport and driver’s license with you, and make sure that you have them on you at all times in case you are stopped by police.
  • If you plan to travel by air, you can choose between Tijuana International Airport and San Diego International Airport (about 20 minutes from Tijuana).
  • If hunting for authentic cuisine, check out the local taco shops. Those also tend to have better prices than the tourist traps.

Vitrectomy eye surgery in Tijuana – Mexico is a viable option for those who desire quality yet inexpensive surgery. The sunny, stress-free environment is perfect for those recovering from surgery, and, best of all, you will be under the compassionate care of surgical experts.

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