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The journey to a slimmer, lighter you often starts with a gastric bypass, lap band, gastric sleeve or some other form of bariatric surgery, but it doesn’t end there. The surgery’s results depend on many factors, an important one being the kind of diet & nutritional supplements that you adopt post-surgery. Bariceuticals (liquid vitamins & mineral supplements) helps bariatric patients at this crucial stage. It takes the guesswork out of finding the right supplements for weight loss surgery patients.

  • Endorsed by some of the top US bariatric physicians.
  • Formulated by a Weight Loss Surgery Patient with input from Bariatric Physicians & Nutritionists.
  • Absorption rate of over 80%.

How do Bariceuticals vitamin & minerals help gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or lap band patients?

Bariceuticals provides the special vitamins and minerals for gastric band and gastric bypass patients. With this system, you will consume only the ingredients that your body is lacking, or will lack shortly after surgery. Bariceuticals does not include anything that takes very long for your body to absorb or anything that cannot be broken down and used by your new, small stomach. In the regular multi-vitamin pill, often there are nutrients that are not absorbed directly into the blood stream. These ingredients stress your digestive system.

Are Bariceuticals gastric bypass supplements well accepted?

Yes, Bariceuticals, a popular bariatric supplement, has been endorsed by some USA’s top bariatric physicians, including Dr. Christine Ren, an expert in bariatric medicine, and the founder of the NYU program for surgical weight-loss and Dr. George Fielding, a pioneering weight-loss surgeon specializing in laparoscopic and bariatric surgery at New York University Medical Center.

How do I know if The Bariceutrical liquid nutritional supplements are safe for me?

They were developed by Silvia Demeter and Gaspar Rosario under the guidance of leading physicians affiliated with a renowned medical institution and who specialize in bariatric surgical procedures.

These doctors, and a team of highly trained nutritionists, actually recommend The Bariceuticals Prescription supplements for their own patients.

When Silvia Demeter herself went through a weight-loss surgery some years ago, she began to experience various health issues which, it turned out, stemmed from vitamin and mineral deficiency. Her system needed special nutritional supplements after gastric band surgery.

She could not digest and absorb ordinary nutritional supplements. She then began to look for a solution to this problem which led her to founding Bariceuticals.

Gaspar Rosario is the Nurse Practitioner for New York University Medical Center’s Program for Surgical Weight-Loss, one of the leading bariatric centers in the world.

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