Turkey Surgeon Explains Cochlear Implant Surgery

In this video, leading otologist and neurotologist from Turkey hashes out cochlear implant surgery. This cochlear implant surgeon also specialises in chronic middle ear infection and balance problems.

If a person is profoundly deaf or is hard of hearing, he can be made to hear by surgical implantation of a device in his ear. The electronic device thus implanted is known as a cochlear implant or CI and is also referred to as bionic ear.

Check out the Turkey surgeon video to know more about cochlear implantation or CI surgery.

Following is the video narration.

Education and Experience

“I m basically doing otologic and neurotologic procedures, one of which is cochlear implantation.  A cochlear implant is a device which is used for patients who are born deaf or lose their hearing at the very first period of their lives, so they are very good candidates for cochlear implantation. What I mean is the severe hearing loss from both sides. So in those patients I cannot be able to develop language as well if they are not implanted at early period.

Cochlear implantation is a kind of miracle for such patients. We implant and after implantation a few months later we start educational therapy for those patients. Just start it by kind of plays, music, and some face to face programme and try to develop a language for those patients.”

Chronic Middle Ear Infection Surgery Turkey

“Another surgery we use is the surgical treatment of chronic middle ear infection. We are using all kinds of the technical developments in our field, sometimes patient needs prosthesis; we have some new implantable devices for the restoration of hearing. So we have all kinds of techniques and developments in the treatment of those patients.”

Balance Problem Treatment Surgery in Turkey

“I also work on balance problems. Some people have really severe recurrent balance problems which is resistive to medical treatment, then we propose them surgery for the complete relief of their symptoms.”

Cochlear Implantation Hospital in Turkey

“One of the stronger side of our hospital is we have a very good vestibular laboratory. Sometimes differential diagnosis of patients is not quite easy, so we use a lot of computer based tests to understand which type of problem they have. It helps us select a good candidate for surgery.

“I think, the important part I should mention is the surgical field. We have navigation. Some patients may have frequent surgery which is not quite enough to have symptom relief period. For those who have anatomical problems during the last surgery, the best option is use navigation in which during the surgical field, you can understand that you are quite far away from some vital structures and you are doing what you aim to do. So the other important aspect is the navigational surgery.”

Tourism – Turkey

“Yes basically from Balkan countries, from Romania, Bulgaria, other small Balkan countries.Macedonia, Kosovo recently. We have some new patients from Middle East, a new field; a new development is from Asia. So we have US patients as we ll. I remember one of those who came here to have a nasal surgery, so he had a Septoplasty….. And after that we have some email contacts, so he has very nice results of the surgery.”

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