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Transurethreal Electro-Vaporization (TUEVP) Abroad

Transurethral Electro-vaporization of the prostate (TUEVAP) cost:
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International Destinations: India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand

Transurethral Electro-vaporization of the prostate (TUEVAP) is a new modification of the conventional transurethral resection procedure. The procedure involves the resection of the prostate tissue using electrical energy, produced by special roller ball electrodes with unique grooves to channel open the urethra, which is obstructed by the enlarged tissue of the prostrate. Mexico, India, Costa Rica, Turkey, and Jordon make available transurethral electro-vaporization at lower costs, yet maintaining high clinical and surgical standards.

Transurethral Electrovapourization

When would a transurethral resection of the prostate be required?

Resection of the prostrate would be suggested in cases of benign prostratic hyperplasia or prostratic cancer. The procedure is aimed at relieving the pressure symptoms on the urethra (symptoms of urinary incontinence or urgency or difficulty in micturation).

Advantages of Transurethral Electro Vaporization:

  • The procedure is relatively safer with minimal side effects. Clinical evidence has proved that transurethral electro-vaporization significantly maintains the erectile functions with no change in sexual ability after the procedure.
  • Also there have been no reported incidences of incontinence due to sphincter damage after the resection procedure.
  • Clinical studies conducted across the globe have also indicated that patients with prostate sizes larger than 50 ml are faced with problems like hemorrhage, higher morbidity after the procedure and longer hospitalization stay. However the use of transurethral electro vaporization of the prostate significantly reduces the side effects and allows efficient management of large sized prostate tumors.
  • The procedure involves shorter hospitalization stay due to reduced catheterization time. The catheter is removed within 24 hours after the procedure and allows spontaneous voiding of urine.
  • It allows faster recovery due to minimal blood loss compared to the conventional transurethral resection procedure. The patient may be discharged on the same day or next day after the resection surgery.
  • Clinical studies and evidences have suggested that transurethral electro-vaporization resection of the prostrate allows rapid improvement of pressure symptoms and urine flow in comparison conventional procedure.
  • Further, transurethral electro-vaporization is more cost effective compared to the other techniques like conventional transurethral prostate resection and laser resection procedures.

Preparatory measures before a transurethral resection:

  • Aspirin, Warfarin, naproxen, vitamin E, clopidogrel, and other blood thinners ought to be stopped 1 week before the scheduled surgical procedure. These drugs tend to interfere with the healing of the wounds and tend to delay recovery.
  • If you suffer from disease conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure ( hypertension), cardiac or respiratory diseases, you will have to be labeled fit to undergo surgery by your physician, before the surgeon operates
  • A day prior to the surgery, an enema or a laxative is given to clear out the bowels.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking anything, 10 to 12 hours before the surgery.

Transurethral electro vaporization of the prostrate: The procedure

  • It involves the use of a simple grooved roller ball electrode
  • The electrode heats the prostate tissue cells and transforms them into steam
  • This steam, generated due to vaporization of the prostate tissue, is washed away by the constant flow of water.
  • The vaporization of the tissue creates free space (where the tissue was previously present).
  • The roller ball electrode generates electrical heat, which causes immediate coagulation and seals of any wounds, thereby resulting in minimal blood loss.
  • General or local anesthesia is used commonly for the procedure. However occasionally, the procedure is conducted with intravenous sedation with local intra-urethral xylocaine.

Post operative care after transurethral electrovaporization procedure:

  • Hospital discharge is given on the same or the next day after the procedure.
  • Antibotics are given prior to or after the procedure for infection control
  • Occassionally, a few blood clots are noticed in the urine following the surgery, as the wound heals. Some bleeding after the procedure is normal and it will stop within a day or two.
  • After being discharged from the hosptial, special attention to the following is required.
  • Avoid straining at stool. Eat a balanced, high fibre diet to avoid constipation.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights, avoid sudden jerky movements and don’t operate a machine or drive during convalescence
  • Drink plenty of water to flush the bladder and prevent infection

Care after transurethral electrovaporization procedure:

  • Regular, annual rectal examinations are vital and essential to check the status of the prostate. This is critical as there is a high probability of a recurrence of the prostate problem.
  • Usually the procedure provides relief for about 10-15 years depending upon the age of the first surgery.
  • There is a possibility of certain side effects occuring like scarring of the bladder or narrowing of the urethra causing obstruction to urine flow.

TUEVAP in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers the TUEVAP technique to manage benign and malignant prostate disorders. The highly skilled medical personnel and state of the art surgical technologies makes Costa Rica a sort after destination for medical tourism.

TUEVAP in India

India provides this unique and novel application of electro-surgery, which has been proven to be extremely safe and highly effective in the management of prostate resection. India also offers greater benefits including fewer post surgical irritations, reduced cost and reduced hospitalization.

TUEVAP in Mexico

Mexico provides better-quality and advanced medical procedures and facilities, together with modern surgical apparatus and equipment. Well experienced doctors, good infrastructure and low costs put Mexico higher up on the list of medical tourists’ destinations.

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