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Chronic Back Pain Treatment

Below is the testimonial of Larry Tullos, a satisfied patient who traveled all the way from the USA to India for a complex spinal medical procedure to cure chronic back pain. The hospital where his surgery was performed has one of the best neurosurgeons in India, who have ample experience in performing spinal procedures like fragmented disk back surgery, lumbar laminectomy and revision lumbar fusion surgery.

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In this patient review video, Larry mentions about his very successful medical trip to India where he was operated for chronic back pain. Some of the highlights of his review of chronic back pain surgery in India are:

  • The Indian hospital doctors and administrators made him comfortable on arrival.
  • He has been to hospitals in the United States more than a dozen times, but believes his experience in India was the best.
  • Care, comfort and attention exceeded his expectations.
  • Had to travel overseas due to loss of health insurance in the USA owing to his wife’s health issues.
  • Additionally, doctors were not willing to perform surgery on him in the USA (more than a dozen doctors back home in America turned him down) due to risk of liability and hospital monetary policy.
  • After the surgery he can walk straight without pain or pain medication.
  • He also states that the spinal surgery facility was adequate, warm and accommodating.

He, and his wife, did not feel being long way from home, thanks to the Internet and warm hospitality of the nurses and staff.

Medical Tourism Corporation helped Larry live a back pain-free life by facilitating his spine surgery at a leading hospital in India. Watch more patient review videos, in the “Testimonial” section of our website.

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