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3 Days Post-op Gastric Sleeve Review in Tijuana – Mexico (2016)

Roger Powell from Ohio reviews vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana – Mexico three days after getting operated:

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Testimonial Video Transcription – Vertical Sleeve in TJ, Mexico

On why he came to Tijuana – Mexico for gastric sleeve

“Hi! My name is Roger Powell. I am from Ohio. I am here to have the gastric sleeve bariatric surgery...

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico – Testimonials

Mexico is a thriving medical tourism destination, thanks to its quality health care services. The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is only a fraction of that in the first world countries. In addition to this, the advantage of reduced travel hours, thanks to its proximity to the US and Canada, makes Mexico a viable option for many weight loss surgery seekers.

Here is the testimonial of Pam Matthews from Vancouver, Canada sharing her experience of engaging the services of Medical Touris...

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