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Review – RCT and Dental Crowns in Patong, Phuket – Thailand

Take a look at another review of root canal treatment (RCT) and dental crowns in the Thai beach town of Patong in Phuket province. Rob McDougall, a Gold Coast, Australia resident chose to travel to Patong to get his dental job comprising core build-up, cleaning and filling, besides three dental crowns and RCT.

Robert McDougall - Dental Tourist to Patong from Australia

This is what Rob had to say in his dental testimonial:

Thank you again to all the team at … Patong for some more great work. I look forward to coming back for a check-up. 

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Testimonial – Root Canal Treatment and Dental Crowns in Patong – Thailand

Here is another testimonial on Patong – Phuket, Thailand. Read what Carline Garin (Australia/France) has to say about getting dental crowns and root canal treatment in Patong, a beautiful resort city in the Thai province of Phuket.

Caroline Garin - Australia

“A huge thank you to all the team for your fantastic services and your patience with me (yeah I wasn;t an easy client). Not worry to smile on pictures anymore, thank you. I’ll advice this clinic to everyone!!! Merci encore pour tout

Thank you thank you

Thank ...

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Angela – Dental Veneers and Crowns in Phuket, Thailand

Angela Peripignano, from Australia, had an elaborate dental job in Phuket, Thailand comprising dental crowns, veneers, pin, Zoom Whitening, fillings, and root canal treatment.

Angela Perpignano from Australia

Angela’s word of appreciation in her review of dental treatment in Phuket:

A small thank-you to all the staff, I was very pleased more so than any dentist appt before. My teeth look great. I will recommend to my family and shall see you again next year.

Saw de ka

Angela Burke”

Dental Testimonial - Phuket - Thailand

Medical Tourism Corporation wor...

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Liz from New Zealand Reviews Dental Work in Phuket

Liz Boddington from New Zealand chose a leading dental clinic in Phuket, Thailand that Medical Tourism Corporation (MTC) works with to have her dental work.

Liz Boddington - Dental Treatment in Phuket - Thailand
She has this to say in her feedback on getting dental crowns, cleaning and dental fillings in the Phuket clinic.

“The staff at Sea Smile are awesome and go out of their way to ensure your visit is as quick and painless as possible. The service is top rate!!! Will definitely recommend to friends and family.”

Review of Dental Work in Phuket

We at MTC bring you ...

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Sharon MacDonald’s Testimonial – Dental Crowns in Phuket

Sharon MacDonald from New Zealand has been having her dental work in the leading Phuket clinic we work with for the past four years.

Dental Clinic in Phuket - Testimonial

She had her dental crowns, fillings, cleaning and root canal canal treatment in her last visit and had this to say in her testimonial on the Phuket clinic:

“Have been coming here for past 4 years for dental work, mainly crowns. Hygiene standards, professionalism beyond reproach. A great place (Phuket) to combine dental care with relaxation.”

Sharon Macdonald - Dental Review Phuket-Thailand

Medical Tou...

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