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Bariatric Sleeve Experience – Tijuana, Mexico

Watch Suzanne Arceneaux from Texas review her vertical sleeve gastrectomy experience in Tijuana, Mexico.

Video Transcription:

My name is Suzanne Arceneaux and I had the sleeve surgery done on July 21, 2015. Everything was great. The hospital was wonderful. All the people and staff were terrific.

Self-pay bariatric surgery in Mexico costs just a fraction of the US prices. Our packages for gastric sleeve here begin from $3,899 only.

Here is a written bariatric surgery testimonial from Tij...

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Testimonial – Gastric Sleeve (VSG) WLS in Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada, USA

In this video, Allyson from Los Angeles shares her experience on weight loss surgery in Las Vegas.

“I went through medical tourism and they facilitated…helping in booking my surgeon in Las Vegas. I had really no issues. Making the payment was easy, the communication was easy, there was a no…I didn’t have any complications or issues so it was very straight forward for me...

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