Mexico knee meniscus arthroscopy experience of Jim Golbienko from Burbank, CA. Jim used the services of Medical Tourism Corporation for the knee surgery in Mexico. For more, watch video interview and read his Mexico knee arthroscopy experience interview below. To start video, click play button below.     Disclaimer: Results may vary. We do not guarantee any […]

Canadian resident Pierre Bourdages chose Medical Tourism Corporation to facilitate his leg amputation surgery in Mexico. He is all praise for his treatment that helped him relive his life again. This is what he has to say on the occasion of the first anniversary of his amputation surgery – “Today is the first anniversary of my […]

Lorena Valencia of Sunnyside, WA Undergoing tubal ligation reversal in Mexico can be a good option for price-conscious patients, as costs of this procedure in Mexico can be quite lower than what it costs in the first world countries. Also, with the mushrooming of a number of hospitals in Mexico with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern […]

Myomectomy is a surgical procedure in which fibroids are removed from a women’s uterus, without damaging it.  It allows the woman to become pregnant in future unlike hysterectomy. Melisa from phoenix, Arizona went to San Jose, Costa Rica for myomectomy surgery but ended up having hysterectomy. Check out the video where she talks about her medical […]

Hysterectomy is a procedure in which the uterus is removed through an incision made in the abdomen or in the vagina. Due to skyrocketing costs of surgical procedures in US, lots of women choose to go abroad for hysterectomy surgery. Melisa from phoenix Arizona is one such woman who had her hysterectomy surgery in San Jose, […]

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