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3 Days Post-op Gastric Sleeve Review in Tijuana – Mexico (2016)

Roger Powell from Ohio reviews vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana – Mexico three days after getting operated:

Testimonial Video Transcription – Vertical Sleeve in TJ, Mexico

On why he came to Tijuana – Mexico for gastric sleeve

“Hi! My name is Roger Powell. I am from Ohio. I am here to have the gastric sleeve bariatric surgery. Coming to Mexico: having surgery in the United States is about a 15,000 dollar decision. Same care if not better is my opinion...

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Sisters Review Bariatric Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana – Mexico

Gina McKee and Pam Pate review gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. Gina had earlier visited Tijuana for her own surgery in February 2016. Impressed with the level of care she received, she accompanied her sister for surgery six weeks later.

Video Transcription

Gina - I am Gina McKee and I am from Paris, Texas, and this is my sister…

Pam - Pam Pate. I am from Gainsville, Texas.

Gina - We made a decision to come here and partner up and take care of each other through gastric sleeve surgeries.


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Vertical Sleeve and Jaw Bone Grafting in Tijuana Review

David Lejeune from California, USA chose Medical Tourism Corporation to facilitate his sleeve gastrectomy weight loss surgery and dental bone grafting surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

Initially  intimidated by the thought of coming down to Tijuana for his treatment, David saw his “fears fall from 90% to 15%” after interacting with his case manager.

Have a look at his testimonial video:

Watch another gastric sleeve review video from Tijuana in which Bishoi from the United States shares his exper...

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Two Days Post-op Review of Gastric Sleeve – Tijuana, Mexico

Here is the video testimonial of another Calfornian resident, Kimberley Kamara, who chose to travel to Tijuana for gastric sleeve surgery. Into the second day post gastric sleeve, Kimberley looks a picture of health and is thankful to her bariatric surgeon for being treated well.

The following is the video’s transcription:

Bariatric Surgeon – Hi I am Dr. Curiel. I am the obesity surgeon of the clinic. And we are with Kimberly Kamara. She is in this…second day of surgery...

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Stacy Reviews Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico

Medical Tourism Corporation has been adding a number of clients completely satisfied and happy with their experience of having gastric sleeve in the Mexican border town of Tijuana. Stacy Stocks Grover, a resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, chose us to facilitate her bariatric surgery. Just a month after her surgery, Stacy has already lost over 30 pounds.

Stacy Grover Before-and-After Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana

Here is Stacy’s word of praise:

Her overall experience:
“I just had the sleeve done through medical tourism...

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Review of Sleeve Resection Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

This video shows Serena from Chula Vista, San Diego sharing the reason for selecting weight sleeve resection surgery. Tijuana, Mexico offered her an affordable option for the surgery.

Mexican surgeons are highly qualified and internationally trained. In addition, Mexico hospitals are well equipped with the latest technology and supportive staff.

Following is the video narration.

“My name is Serena…I am forty seven years old...

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