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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Puerto Vallarta experience of Tamara Mattson. In the video Tamara talks about her vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery medical trip to Mexico. To start video scroll below and click play button.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Puerto Vallarta Interview Transcript

It (Gastric Sleeve Surgery Bariatric Surgery) was fabulous! Every time I emailed Hazel, she got back to me within minutes – if an hour at most...

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Puerto Vallarta Mexico Gastric Bypass Surgery

Puerto Vallarta gastric bypass surgery experience of Lynette Fletcher, Medical Tourism Corporation facilitated her trip to Puerto Vallarta for cheap gastric bypass surgery in Mexico.

Gastric bypass surgery testimonial

My name is Lynette Fletcher. I’m from Memphis Tennessee in the United States. I’m a surgical technician and I come here to Mexico for gastric bypass weight loss surgery. My Puerto Vallarta gastric bypass bariatric surgery was most enlightening...

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