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Anterior Hip Replacement in India

India provides comprehensive care for all orthopedic problems through its state-of-the-art facilities. Thousands of tourists from US, Canada, UK, and European countries travel to India for anterior hip replacement surgery. From joint replacement to sports medicine, treatment of osteoporosis to management of fractures, high quality orthopedic care is provided to keep one’s bones and joints healthy and active.

Artificial Hip Joint used in Hip Replacement Surgery

Cost of Hip replacement Surgery

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Revision Hip Replacement in India

India is a popular destination abroad for revision hip replacement (or arthroplasty) surgery. Revision hip replacement is an orthopedic surgery to replace an earlier hip prosthesis that has worn out. Though first-time hip joint replacements are common and successful nowadays, they tend to wear out with time. When a patient’s hip replacement has worn out, he/she may need a revision hip surgery.

Hip Revision Statistics

Revision hip replacement surgery is more complicated and time-consuming than first-time total hip re...

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