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Why I Took A Dental Trip To Mexico

The video shows a California resident discussing all her reasons to bypass dental treatment in her home country and to come to Mexico for dental work instead.

Narration – “My name is Glynn Vickers. Originally I am from Britain and I have lived in California forty five years. I settled my accent. I was a homemaker for 21 years, then I was in business for 21 years...

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Why Choose Mexico for Dental Treatment Abroad – Testimonial

The video shows a businesswoman Sun City, California, admiring the courtesy of the doctors and staff during her dental treatment abroad, specifically, Mexico.

Narration – “I couldn’t wish for a better doctor, he was wonderful and everyone. Brings tears to my eyes to think about it because being on your own, you know, you’re kind of, you know you’re unsure. But, Dr. David and another friend, you know said – “come with us” and I did, a month ago...

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Testimonial – Dental Laser Work in Los Algodones, Mexico

Los Algodones offers affordable dental procedures like tooth implants, dental crowns etc. at world class Mexican hospitals with state of art facilities and foreign trained surgeons.

In this video, the patient talks about her experience of dental trip to Mexico.

Check out the video testimonial where a patient from Danville, Virginia talks about his dental treatment in Los Algodones.

Video Narration of the Testimonial

“ My name is Dr…...

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