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Sleeve Gastrectomy Costa Rica – Video Testimonial

Sleeve Gastrectomy Costa Rica experience of Mr. Tom Vravis from Orlando, Florida. Tom used the services of Medical Tourism Corporation for the weight loss surgery in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Tom is the CEO of American Kitchens Incorporated, Florida. He shares his reasons why he decided on the surgery, his choice of Medical Tourism Corporation as the facilitator, his choice of Costa Rica as the destination, medical journey and his progress. The interview was taken seven days after his surgery.


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Gastric Sleeve Costa Rica – Video Testimonial

Gastric Sleeve Costa Rica experience of Ms. Dana Long from Albany, Georgia. Dana had a gastric sleeve surgery in Hospital Clinica Biblica in San Jose, Costa Rica. For more, watch video interview. To start video, scroll below and click play button.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results may vary. We do not guarantee any specific results.

Dana Long shares her experience about Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery. She is from Albany Georgia, USA...

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Hospitals for Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

Best medical treatment in the world: Costa Rica Hospitals

Costa Rica is said to be one of the world’s best health care system as rated by the World Health Organization. According to the World Health Organization’s, World Health Report 1995, Costa Rica is rated 3rd in life expectancy in the world behind Japan and France. The Costa Rica hospitals are said to have obtained high class honor and accreditation from the Costa Rica government.

Clinica Biblica for Medical Tourism - Costa Rica

Some of the hospitals have the Joint Commission Inter...

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