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Testimonial – Inguinal Hernia Surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – Part 2

Chris Souliere

This is the second video part of Chris’s inguinal hernia surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Click here if you missed the first part – Chris’s medical trip to Mexico – Part 1.

As discussed by Chris in the first part, the primary reason for choosing Mexico over Missouri was the cost involved. Mexican hospital impressed him with the skilled and cordial staff, well qualified surgeon and effective communication.

 Disclaimer: Results may vary...

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Hernia Surgery in Ciudad Juarez – Part 1

Chris Souliere

This video representation of a telephonic interview with Chris Souliere from Missouri, US, talks about his hernia surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. His was the inguinal hernia repair and in this video he talks of the reasons which made him undergo the hernia surgery abroad.

Inguinal Hernia Surgery

An inguinal hernia refers to a small portion of the bowel bulging out through a small opening in the abdominal muscles...

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