Surrogacy Tests FAQ

Question – Can you please list the tests to be done for the surrogate?


Answer – Baseline Profile: (To be done on day 2/3 of the menstrual cycle on empty stomach)

  • Serum FSH
  • Serum LH
  • Serum TSH
  • Serum Prolactin

Fertility Screening:

  • Complete Blood Count
  • Fasting & PP Sugar
  • Blood Grouping & Rh typing
  • Fasting & PP Sugar
  • Bleeding Time & Clotting Time
  • Routine Urine
  • Test for HbsAg
  • Test for HCV
  • Test for VDRL
  • HIV(1+2) Antibody
  • Test for Chlamydial Antibodies (IgM + IgG)
  • Test for Antiphospholipid Antibodies (IgG + IgM)
  • Endometrium Test for TMA TB (Endometrial Tuberculosis) The endometrial tissue which is collected with the help of an endometrial curette. (It is an OPD procedure.)

Along with these, a test is done to rule out thalassemia. We also get a fitness test done by a physician to confirm that she is medically fit to carry a pregnancy to term. An evaluation of her uterine cavity is done to confirm that all is fine. Plus, the surrogate is put through psychological evaluation and counseling.

If there are any specific tests that the intended parents want the surrogate
to go through, it can be done at additional cost.


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