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Surrogate Pregnancy in Eastern Europe

Surrogate Pregnancy in Eastern EuropeThe rise of commercial surrogacy in Ukraine and other areas of Eastern Europe have produced an army of women that has played and will be playing an important role in the lives of many aspiring parents from all over the world. The low cost of surrogate pregnancy in Eastern Europe is the most compelling reason why the region became a big player in the surrogacy industry.

Would-be parents from nearby West European countries including the UK and from as far as Australia and the USA are seeking surrogacy in East Europe. But outside of the fact that it’s a financially feasible option for you, have you ever taken a look at the other side of the equation? Read on to know more about surrogate moms from Eastern Europe.

Becoming a Surrogate Mother in Eastern Europe

Women who wish to become surrogate moms in Eastern Europe usually approach agencies or clinics operating in the region. These clinics and agencies are the ones responsible for connecting them with prospective parents. The moms are usually required to submit photos upon application, and then undergo rigorous testing both physically and psychologically to make sure they are fit.

Only women who have given birth before are qualified to become surrogate mothers. Agencies usually do not accept surrogates who drink, smoke, or take drugs. Typical surrogate moms from Eastern Europe are between the ages 20 and 40. Prospective parents are given several profiles they can choose from before agreeing to a surrogate mom.

In addition to eastern Europe, surrogacy in India is another popular option among medical tourists seeking surrogacy abroad.

Tests Conducted Before Surrogate Pregnancy Process

Before going straight for pregnancy, a surrogate from Eastern Europe would have to undergo extensive medical testing. What tests a women has to go through depends on the country’s laws, but it usually involves gynecological examinations, blood tests, and screening for various sexually-transmitted diseases among many others. She also has to go through psychological screening, and would usually be given continual counseling by the agency along with the parents.

During and After the Surrogate Pregnancy

Civic Heraldry of GeorgiaGood agencies take care of the surrogate during the pregnancy process. This includes providing for her financially (as part of the package you pay for), and making sure she gets regular check-ups.

If compensated surrogacy is allowed in the country, the surrogate will receive monetary payment, which is usually part of the package you pay the agency. A fee paid to the mother usually applies only if the pregnancy is successful.

In countries where commercial surrogacy is legal like Ukraine, the surrogate will have zero parental rights over the child. Gestational surrogacy cases may require some paperwork so you can be legally named parents of the child. Otherwise, all you need to worry about is acquiring an exit visa for the child.

Making Sure You Get the Right Surrogate Mom

While more affordable and financially feasible for you, you will unfortunately not be able to personally screen potential mothers for the surrogate pregnancy process in Eastern Europe. Since your baby’s life depends on the surrogate for nine months, it’s best to check your agency’s reputation when it comes to choosing and screening surrogate moms. Make sure your agency performs regular checks and home visits on the surrogate since you can’t be there physically to do it on your own.

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