Surrogate Agencies in India

Surrogate agencies in India have a great track record internationally because of their excellent work with hundreds of surrogacy patients who travel to the country each year.

Because of their low cost of living, the costs related to surrogacy in this Asian country are very low as compared to its western counterparts. However, the quality with which the work is done is impressive and continues to attract many people in order to realize their dreams of becoming parents.

Surrogate Agencies in India

Highlights of India’s Surrogacy Programs

  • Low costs
  • Excellent services by world-renowned doctors who also train in other countries
  • Clinics that are accredited by international standards
  • English-speaking medical professionals and staff members
  • Surrogate agencies in India accept gay couples and single people in their programs
  • Involves a rigid surrogate screening process for Indian surrogate mothers
  • Excellent quality of healthcare for surrogates during their pregnancy
  • Impressive statistics and success rates
  • Numerous tourist destinations for side-trips while in the country

Comparison of Surrogacy Costs in India and Other Countries

A surrogacy process typically includes:

  • Egg and semen harvesting
  • IVF
  • Pregnancy tests, checks, ultrasound, etc.
  • Delivery of baby
  • Processing of legal documents
  • Other procedures as needed per case.

Because of the country’s low cost of living, medical professionals including surrogacy experts in India are able to offer their services for much lower costs.  A surrogacy company in India, for example, can charge only 40% of what a US surrogacy company normally charges.

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How to Pick the Best Surrogacy Agency in India

Before deciding to undergo the procedure, make sure you are working with a reputable Indian surrogacy agency.  Here are a few tips that can help you choose the best one to work with:

  • Good surrogacy agencies in India will have great feedback from previous clients
  • Search online for discussions about different doctors and clinics
  • Research about the procedure as described in a surrogate agency’s website
  • Look up the qualifications of the doctors and clinics you are interested in, and ask to schedule a phone call to discuss the details
  • Ask for references, Indian surrogacy agencies are sometimes willing to provide names and numbers of previous clients that you can call to talk about their experiences

Travel Information to India

  • India is typically warm the whole year, with a few months of some cool weather.
  • India is known for their great food, and there are also a variety of restaurants serving other popular cuisines.
  • Visit Hindu religious shrines and temples while there, they are remarkable and inspiring.
  • Hotel accommodations are cheap, but ask the surrogate agencies in India to connect you with the ones offering the best deals and services as they will have an easier access to this.

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