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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of those few countries where no legal permission is required to choose a surrogacy program. Surrogacy in Ukraine is regulated under article 123.2 of the family code of the country, which makes it clear that only the intended parents will be considered the real parents of the child born with the assistance of reproductive technology.

Once the surrogate mother delivers the baby, the couple automatically becomes the legal custodian of the child. It requires no adoption procedure.

Westerners have long been going to India for low cost surrogacy, but Eastern European nations like Ukraine, with their friendly surrogacy laws, are also being considered as favorable surrogacy destinations by Americans, Australians, UK citizens and intending parents from other parts of West Europe.

Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine

  • Ukraine surrogacy laws do not mention traditional surrogacy. The family code of the Ukraine law states only gestational surrogacy in its law.
  • Gestational surrogacy, which involves in vitro fertilization, is the reproductive technique in which egg is fertilized artificially and then the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother’s uterus. In this case, the child has no genetic relation to his surrogate mother. This procedure is absolutely legal in the country.
  • In gestational surrogacy program Ukraine, the birth certificate is issued on the name of intended parents.
  • Generally gestational surrogacy is opted for by parents who don’t want to get in trouble regarding legalities of child adoption.

Gender Selection in Surrogacy Ukraine

Ukraine is among those few countries where gender selection is legally allowed. Therefore, based on the personal choice, only male or only female embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother’s uterus.

Qualification of a Surrogate Mother in Ukraine

According to the same clause in the family law mentioned in the beginning, a woman can qualify to be a surrogate mother in Ukraine if she passes all the medical tests such as screening for HIV, blood analysis etc required under surrogacy. In addition, there are some other criteria for the selection of a surrogate

  • She should be between 25-35 years.
  • She should be a natural mother of at least one child and
  • She should be mentally and physically fit.

Gay/Lesbian Surrogacy in Ukraine

Group of Hikers in UkraineAccording to the clause 123 and order 24 of the family law (Reg 04.02.97), only married couples are allowed to facilitate surrogacy program in Ukraine. Please note that there is no law for gay or lesbian in the country. Therefore, lesbians or gay partners are considered singles.

Nationality of the Surrogate Child Ukraine

Since Ukraine laws recognize only intended parents as the future guardians of the child, the couple has to apply for the baby’s passport. The child goes to the home country only on his/her passport.

Cost Surrogacy Ukraine

Ukraine surrogacy industry is the backbone of the medical tourism Ukraine. The cost of Ukraine surrogacy is significantly lower than countries like USA, and Canada. The cost effectiveness of the procedure, coupled with the lenient Ukrainian surrogacy laws, is the reason why thousands of couples and single parents come to Ukraine for surrogacy. Being situated in Europe, it offers the exceptional European standard services but at very competitive prices.

Traveling to Ukraine for Surrogacy

Ukraine is an east European country. It is easily accessible from all corners of the world. Couples from USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, CIS countries and European Union don’t need any visa to come to Ukraine for surrogacy. During this procedure, minimum two visits by the intended parents are required, first in the beginning and second at the time of delivery. Check with this website for general travel information.

Thanks to the cost-effectiveness and complete care during the procedure, surrogacy is adding millions of dollars in the medical industry of the country. Surrogacy procedure in Ukraine is a safe because it is a legal procedure and most surrogacy clinics in Ukraine are laced with modern facilities including hostels for surrogate mothers.

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