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Surrogacy in Delhi

Delhi is one of the premier healthcare destinations in India, and now it is also becoming popular with international tourists who are interested in surrogacy. Surrogacy in Delhi entails much lower costs than in the US or Canada, and the high quality of medical procedures ensures that success rates are at par with first-world countries offering the same services.

Surrogate - Delhi - India

Cost of Surrogacy in Delhi

The low cost of living in India means everything is basically priced lower than in other western countries. Delhi surrogacy also follows this rule, as the savings can go up to 50% considering the prices in the United States.

Highlights of Surrogacy Programs in Delhi

Surrogacy in Delhi is widely known in international forums as would-be parents discuss options for having a child outside the natural way. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Medical procedures, professional fees, tests and other services are very inexpensive
  • The doctors and their clinic staff members are experienced with medical tourists from around the globe
  • The doctors are internationally-educated and trained, and their clinics follow international standards of operations
  • They speak English fluently; Likewise, most Indian people speak English very well – a plus when going to tourist spots around the country
  • There are numerous tourist attractions in Delhi and other cities in India, centred on their rich culture and traditions

Other Names for Delhi, India

  • Delhi is officially known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi

Taj Mahal - India

Travelling to Delhi, India for Surrogacy

Average Delhi travel times by plane:

  • 9 hours from London, England
  • 14 hours from Sydney, Australia
  • 15 hours from the US and Canada

Tourism Activities in Delhi

  • Try Indian cuisine and other Asian food in street stalls and restaurants littered across the city
  • Visit their temples. Iskcon and Lotus temple are among the most popular ones.

While talking to surrogacy clinics in Delhi about a trip, patients only need to ask the staff for their help in planning a trip around tourist attractions in the city and they would be glad to assist them. Hotel accommodations can also be made an easy process as they are connected to local hotels that usually serve their international clients. With constant communication and coordination, surrogacy in Delhi can be made very smooth with the help of an excellent clinic and an experienced medical travel agency.

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