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Stem Cell Therapy for Lupus in Mexico

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Medical Tourism Corporation, in partnership with GIOSTAR, is now offering the latest stem cell therapy for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) in Mexico. GIOSTAR is a world leader in stem cell research and therapy and has helped over 4,000 individuals in India suffering from various diseases with this unconventional approach.

Stem cells are known to turn down the immune system in patients suffering from lupus.

We offer adult stem cell treatment in Tijuana and Guadalajara. The hospitals we work with are certified to carry out stem cell treatment in Mexico. We also have a state-of-the-art clinic in Los Algodones dedicated to stem cells therapy.

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Major Highlights

  • Involved in hardcore research for more than 15 years
  • Developed therapies for a number of autoimmune and degenerative diseases
  • Always take care of human safety
  • ​Followers of highest medical standards
  • Globally recognized as a leading stem cell research company

Stem Cell Mexico Reviews and Success Stories

Felt Nice After So Many Years!

Disclaimer: Results may vary.

The multiple health problems and pain all over my body had me give up on living. Took my first transplantation session two months back and within 24 hours I was able to stand on my feet. It was such a nice feeling after so many years.”

Feel More Alive!

Disclaimer: Results may vary.

I have suffered from birth by a multitude of autoimmune diseases. After my first transplant my legs felt stronger, my psoriasis was no more on fire, I could breathe better. My body is improving daily. I feel that I have a chance for a new life.

What Differentiates Our Lupus Stem Cell Program From Others?

  • We use only human stem cells.
  • Unlike other clinics in Mexico which offer each stem cell application individually, we offer a complete set of applications (usually 3 to 4) covering an entire therapy.
  • Our prices are quite competitive.
  • We strictly follow the process of differentiation, unlike other clinics which infuse stem cells into patients without differentiating them.
  • We offer complete trip assistance, including hotel bookings and transportation.
    Our treatments are highly personalized and we come up with a unique protocol of applications for each case.

Top Stem Cell Centers in Mexico


Tijuana is a border city just about half an hour from San Diego, California. Your stem cell therapy in Tijuana, Mexico will be carried out at Del Pedro Medical Center, a state-of-the-art facility which has also received the Certificate of Excellence from the Health Secretary in Mexico.

It is the only hospital in TJ to have received this certification. The hospital is conveniently located just about 10 minutes by car from the San Ysidro border crossing. It features a cafeteria, a beautiful chapel, as well as a pharmacy, besides 24-hour imaging, clinical and pathology labs.


Located in the picturesque city of Guadalajara in Jalisco, San Javier Hospital is the first in Mexico to receive the Specialty Hospital certification.

The hospital features 91 patient rooms (out of which 14 are master suites), 8 intensive care units, and 7 trauma centers. Since Guadalajara has its own international airport, this city is quite accessible for international patients.

Los Algodones

Our stem cell treatment center in Los Algodones features the latest equipment and an OR to perform any kind of stem cell application.

Giostar Stem Cell Center Los Algodones Mx

What is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system ends up attacking its own organs and tissue mistakenly. Also known as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, it is a condition known to affect women, more so in child-bearing years, more than men.

Lupus is known to affect 1.5 million Americans. Additionally, African-American women are thrice more susceptible to it than white women.1

Genetic malfunctioning is known to be a leading cause of lupus in addition to hormonal imbalances. Geographical distribution is also a factor.

Its Symptoms

Joint pains and swelling Fever
Butterfly rashes or red rashes (mostly on the face) Chest discomfort especially while breathing
Hair loss Sun allergy (photosensitivity)
Dizziness Seizures


How do Stem Cells help?

Stem cell treatment can help reduce the harmful effects of lupus on the vital organs and even reduce medication. These master cells have the potential of developing into different types of tissue in the body and act as a repair mechanism.

In a 2003 research study by Richard K Burt and Ann E Traynor published in the The Journal of the American Medical Association it was stated that autologous stem cell transplantation can significantly improve the immune system of those suffering from lupus for several years who have not responded well to standard treatment.2

Use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Lupus Treatment

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) do not carry the ethical concerns surrounding embryonic stem cells as the former are extracted from cells that have undergone complete development, and are not taken from fetal tissue. These cells are anti-inflammatory and are used by the body for replacement of other cells that have died during the normal course of life.

MSCs have a unique property which allows them to avoid being detected by the immune system as foreign. This results in3

  • Reduced risk of rejection as the donor and the recipient need not match
  • Reduced infection risks as the recipient’s cells need not be removed with chemotherapy

MSCs are known to possess angiogenic properties which help in the growth of the blood vessel network. This helps control the body’s immunity mechanism.

At our designated centers for lupus stem cell treatment in Mexico, we have the technology to harness the ability of stem cells to differentiate into the resident cells present at the site they are injected into, do damage repair, and restore some lost function.

Methods to Infuse Stem Cells

We have the technology to isolate mesenchymal stem cells from both allogenic and autologous sources. After isolating them, we re-administer these cells back into the body after enriching them through either of the below-mentioned methods:

Administering locally

This involves the direct infusion of stem cells to the desired site of damage. This is usually done using a catheter.

Administering subcutaneously

This involves infusing stem cells in the fat layer of the skin.

Administering intravenously

It involves infusing back stem cells through veins along with mannitol. This ensures expansion in quantities of blood in the central nervous system and a greater supply of stem cells to the affected regions.

After re-administration, the stem cells settle in the desired sites and alter or differentiate into the cells affected by the disease through paracrine signaling (which is a kind of inter-cellular communication signaling for inducing changes in the surrounding cells). The stem cells restore hormonal balance and help in regulating the immune system.

Hence, with the help of stem cells, it is now possible to observe considerable improvements in patients with lupus.


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