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Spine Fusion in Spain, Europe

Several patients undergo spine fusion in Spain, Europe due to the emergence of world class health clinics that offer medical facilities at reduced rates in Spain. Considering its geographical location, the country makes a convenient medical tourism destination for patients from in and around Europe. Spinal fusion in Spain is highly feasible as almost all the techniques for spine treatments are available in Spain.

Medical tourism in Spain is on the rise. The Spaniards themselves are quite content with their country’s robust healthcare system. Interestingly, the low cost of healthcare coupled with high quality medical services has won Spain the seventh spot on the WHO list of best medical destinations in Europe.

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Spine Fusion in Spain

Understanding Spinal Fusion Surgery

  • Spinal fusion is a surgical treatment option that aims to join two or more vertebrae in order to reduce movement between them.
  • Cervical spine fusion is ideal for patients suffering from a fracture of the vertebrae, excessive pain in the spinal column, or spinal deformities like a curved spinal column.
  • A painful condition known as spondylolisthesis can also be corrected through spinal fusion surgery.

  • There are multiple ways in which vertebral fusion is performed. Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion, Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion, Posterolateral Lumbar Fusion, Transforaminal Interbody Fusion, and other minimally invasive techniques are used to perform the surgery. Most of the techniques of spinal fusion are available in Spain.
  • The success of spinal fusion is remarkable as the source of pain can be determined even before the surgery takes place.

Undergoing Cervical Vertebral Fusion

  • To perform the surgery, spine doctors use a bone graft either taken from the patient’s body or purchased from a bone bank.
  • Bone morphogenetic proteins, demineralized bone matrices, or synthetic ceramics are used to prepare bone grafts.
  • The surgeon then makes an incision and inserts the bone graft between vertebrae that need to be joined.
  • The spinal column is held in position with rods, plates, screws, and braces after the bone graft is inserted.
  • Patients undergoing vertebral fusion in Spain will require plenty of rest following surgery so that bone healing takes place.
  • Patients need to closely follow the surgeon’s instructions to prevent blood clots and infections after undergoing the operation.

Benefits of Undergoing Lumbar Spine Fusion in Spain

Undergoing spine surgery in a foreign country is quite prevalent among medical patients all over the globe. The main motivation behind traveling to a foreign land for a spine treatment is the low cost of spinal fusion abroad.

The cost of spinal fusion surgery in Spain is significantly lower than the price charged in most parts of Europe. Although there are minor differences in the health policies of Spain, compared to the rest of Europe, medical tourists stand to benefit in more than one way.

  • There are numerous world class hospitals in Madrid and Barcelona that meet and often supersede the medical facilities that are offered in the UK.
  • Hospitals in Spain feature modern equipment and facilities. Some of them also dedicate a special wing to patients coming in from overseas.
  • Hospitals in the country are well known for their excellent post operative care. This is particularly beneficial to patients undergoing cervical vertebral fusion in Spain.
  • Spinal surgeons in Spain are able to communicate in English and offer their expertise and knowledge at an affordable price.
  • Since spine doctors in Spain are abreast with all the latest advancements in medical science, they help patients choose the right treatment option.
  • There are myriad hotels and resorts patients can choose from. Accommodation poses no problem.

The geographic location and mild climatic conditions are other reasons why Spain remains an inviting medical tourist destination.

Marina dOr Valencia - Spain

Health Tourism in Spain

There are over 750 hospitals in Spain that are governed by the Spanish Ministry of Health. 18 health centers in Spain are also JCI accredited. These hospitals are backed by proficient doctors and nurses, highly capable of offering the best cervical spine fusion treatment in Spain.

Doctors in Spain don’t get their degrees unless they have completed around 7 years of training. Besides this, they need to complete medical training at institutions that are affiliated to the European Union, before they begin their practice. Low spinal fusion surgery cost in Spain and the availability of experienced surgeons is what lures thousands of overseas patients to this Mediterranean country each year.

Patients who have undergone Spine fusion in Spain, Europe can also unwind and recoup in the country’s holiday-like atmosphere. From sunny beaches, Spanish music, and authentic culinary delights, this country is unarguably one of the best medical tourist destinations in the world.

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