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Sisters discuss Gastrectomy in Tijuana

Rossanie and Lorrisa from New Jersey came to Tijuana for gastric sleeve surgery. They discuss their experience in the video below:

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Video Transcription

R: My name is Rossanie Mendez, I’m from Plainfield, New Jersey.
L: My name is Lorrisa Mendez, and I’m from Piscataway, New Jersey, and I’m 28.
R: I’m 31 years old. We’re sisters.
L: We’re going to get a gastric sleeve.

Why did you come to Tijuana for gastric sleeve?

L: Well, we heard a lot of good things about this hospital. I checked them online, and I liked the reviews…and like, how clean they were and…
R: …and cheaper!

How was your coordinator?

L: Our coordinator—her name was Regene—she was a really, really nice person. She helped us a lot. Anytime we had any questions, she answered us right away. She always kept the contact with us…checkin on us. She was professional. They were very professional and I am glad that I picked them.

I mean I imagined different, but it was totally the opposite. As soon as we got to the airport, there was someone in contact with us on the phone at all times letting us where to go, and it was right there. We ran outside right away and they came to pick us up in a really nice van. That guy was really nice… Crossing the border it was like few minutes that’s it. It was fast. Comfortable.

R: It’s life changing…

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