So, what do I need to do to send frozen sperm/embryos to India?

Please note the following steps for availing the cryoshipping service:
1. Patients inform the fertility clinic that they wish to avail the Cryoship service and send INR 25,000 rental fee by a direct bank transfer.
2. The clinic charges the Cryoshipper with nitrogen vapors; the Cryoshipper is picked up by DHL and transported to the patients’ IVF clinic.
3. Frozen embryos/semen samples are loaded into the Cryoshipper by the IVF Clinic.
4. DHL transports the biological materials back to the fertility clinic.
5. DHL sends the clinic an invoice which it forwards to the patients, who make the payment by a direct bank transfer.
The clinic will need to know the freezing protocol used to freeze your embryos: slow freezing or vitrification. It takes about 4-5 days for the cryoshipper to reach your IVF clinic from India.



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