Prostate Cancer Laser Surgery India

Prostate Cancer Laser surgery in India is a good option for the medical tourists, who are distressed with the horrors of prostate cancer but can’t afford this expensive surgery back home. The surgery is offered at reasonable prices in India. Check out what this leading surgeon has to say about bladder cancer treatment in India.

Following is the video narration.

Education and Experience in Prostate Cancer Surgery

“I have done master in urology from KEM hospital Bombay, as well as certification in neurology from Halifax Canada. I am also a board certified transplant surgeon, both in the US and Canada.

I trained in Queen Elizabeth Health Sciences Centre in Halifax which is also……….university. I worked as a junior consultant both in Dalhousie as well as …..pediatric hospital which is considered to be the second best pediatric hospital in North America behind six children, Toronto.

I did further training in pancreas transplant at John’s Hopkins. I also worked as a travelling fellow with Stephen Pollard at ….university for living related pancreas transplant. I was a part of the transplant team which initiated the transplant program at … hospital in Ryat where I went on to build independent program over a period of 2-3 years, two and a half three years. I have probably published about a hundred papers in PR review publications. I have attended conferences in relevance to urology, transplantation surgery and pediatric transplant in all continents.

I have come back to India about six years ago. I am also a part of the urology team and head of the programs at …hospitals as well as associate professor in neurology at MS Ramaiah Medical College.”

Prostate Laser Surgery Procedure in India

“My area of interest since I have been back here has always been laser urology. I have reasonable experience in the use of both Holmium laser for stone disease of the kidney as well as …..laser for vaporization procedure of the prostate and cancer bladder. The energy that we provide to the urinary tract is through flexible instrumentation which converts most of this procedure into day care procedures. The other area of interest is reconstructive urology extending from buccal mucosa urethroplasty as well as androgenization and feminization techniques including penile prosthesis – two part and three part………… cardio repairs both …. and advanced graph based cardio repairs.

Pediatric reconstructive urologies  starting from sting where endoscopic techniques are used ….. to augmentation cystoplasty and reimplantation of ureters.

Basically, laser urology as evolved in utilizing in the…. The problem of …. laser way back into 2002 when I was still in US, was that the depth of penetration of….was much higher than what was visible to the naked eye and hence, late complications were inevitable. Subsequent to that came the holmium laser which not only take so much tissue permanent and could not take more than expected. Following that the new kits of block as far as the laser urology is concerned __ in green light, otherwise known as PVP- …. and diode… I have used holimum, and I have used tulium, PVP as well as diode.

The advantage of  diode which is the energy source of __ in urology today especially in the region of prostate and cancer bladder has been that it can do 4 to 5 grams permanent , its depth of penetration is 0.2mm. The wavelength of the laser is the same as wavelength of human haemoglobin and hence, vision in the presence of bleeding is excellent.”

In the video, an Indian surgeon shares his experience in prostatectomy. The surgeon has recieved training from the US and Canada, and his basic interests are prostate cancer surgery and bladder cancer surgeries. The surgeon also discusses his education in the video.

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