Procedure for a Medical Tourist

Eye Hospital Turkey

The video shows a senior officer of a leading eye hospital talking about the procedure followed by a hospital for medical tourists.

“This is, for some medical tourists, actually very simple and straightforward, I would say. The patient just needs to send this…a complete eye examination done by an eye doctor, which would then be sent over to us…where the chain of events start taking place. So, first of all, our international dept. takes care of the examination report sent to us and they’re sent to several doctors, not just one, usually two to get the same opinion and if it’s a complex case…

“We even send it to three doctors to get an oral answer and we make the suggestion according to what the doctor tells the patient and when the recommendation is sent to the patient and when the patient accepts, we can offer anything to the patient starting from a thorough examination and a surgical program which can be anywhere from one to two days basically, a thorough information of the surgeon will also be sent to the patient.

“If the patient chooses to, the patient can stay at the hospital. All of our hospitals have five star quality which means pretty much you get in…it’s pretty much cozy and nice inside and everything is taken care of, for e.g. your sheets are thoroughly clean and like your food being delivered on time and it’s delicious…like that kind of thing…

“I mean you don’t really think of these things unless you end up going to a hospital abroad, you take these things for granted but once you go to the hospital you realize that these things actually do matter because you’re in a foreign country and you want to be taken good care of which starts at the hospital…from the door because you’re in greeted by a specialized foreign patients’ representative who greets you in your own language and takes you through the entire process.”

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