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Presbyopia Surgery Istanbul – Turkey

As many types of eye surgery are not covered by medical insurance getting your clear and focused vision back might mean hefty medical bills. However, opting for presbyopia surgery in Istanbul, Turkey can save you a lot of money. The procedure can be 40%-50% cheaper than in the UK, the USA, Canada, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, other European countries, and the Middle East.

Medical tourism in Turkey has been bolstered because of the easy availability of quality treatments at prices much lower than in the developed countries of the West.

Presbyopia Surgery in Turkey

Surgery for Presbyopia – Overview

Presbyopia occurs when one loses his or her ability to focus on near objects due to the loss of flexibility and strength of the muscles and lens of the eye. The condition is
also called age-related focus dysfunction as it is associated with ageing and considered unavoidable, so many people need reading glasses at some point in their lives.

An eye surgery can easily correct presbyopia permanently. The primary two types of procedures that one can choose from in Istanbul, Turkey are LASIK surgery for presbyopia and presbyopia lens replacement surgery.

  • PresbyLASIK corrects one eye to make it focus on far objects, while the other is corrected to focus on near objects;

  • One can also opt for intraocular lenses in Istanbul, Turkey. Replacement of natural eye lens with intraocular lenses corrects both presbyopia and cataracts at the same time.
  • Both procedures are quick, safe and effective.
  • According to the Eye Surgery Education Council, about 97% of eye laser surgery patients said they would recommend it to a friend or relative.
  • Recently major eye clinics have been offering conductive keratoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a non-invasive procedure for managing presbyopia and an alternative to laser-based refractive surgery with essentially no complications.

Why Choose Presbyopia Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey?

  • Presbyopia surgery cost in Istanbul, Turkey is significantly lower than in the United States, Canada, West Asia, the United Kingdom, and other European countries. The difference in cost is due to lower salaries and insurance costs.
  • Low cost of eye surgeries such as PresbyLASIK, corneal transplantation, and glaucoma surgery in Istanbul, Turkey in no way reflects lower standards of healthcare. On the contrary, the leading eye clinics and hospitals in Turkey are at the forefront of vision correction treatments
  • A high number of doctors working in Turkey are trained in US and are well-experienced in treating overseas patients.
  • Medical care quality standards are strictly monitored by the Turkish Ministry of Health. By opting for treatment for presbyopia in Istanbul, Turkey, one can get the best bang for the buck without compromising the quality of the treatment.
  • As many clinics that cater for medical tourists are staffed with English-speaking personnel, eye surgery for presbyopia in Istanbul, Turkey doesn’t mean stressful language difficulties. We, at Medical TourismCorporation, are in association with a JCI-accredited prestigious hospital in Istanbul which has special provisions for the convenience of its overseas clientele. The hospital has multi-lingual international patient coordinators and a plush boutique hotel on its campus which patients can choose to stay in during the course of their treatment.
  • Presbyopia with LASIK in Istanbul, Turkey is quick and the cost of treatment is much lower here, so you will have enough time and money for a relaxing holiday.
  • Istanbul is a popular tourist destination with colorful traditional street markets and plenty of sightseeing options.
  • Turkey is located at the abutment of Europe and Asia. Middle Easterners and Europeans can particularly benefit from Lasik surgery for presbyopia in Istanbul, Turkey because of the city’s strategic location on the confluence of the East and the West. They can significantly put reins on their travel time and costs.

Seaside - Turkey

Medical Travel in Istanbul – Some Pointers

  • The best times to travel for presbyLASIK in Istanbul, Turkey are spring and autumn as the temperatures are not too high.
  • To avoid mosquitoes make sure you travel for your laser surgery for presbyopia in Istanbul, Turkey before mid-June or after August.
  • Many nationalities are required to have a tourist visa in order to enter Turkey, which can be obtained at the point of entry (check the price before your departure).
  • Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months from the date of entry.

A quality laser eye treatment does not need to cost a fortune. Choosing to undergo presbyopia surgery in Istanbul, Turkey means that you will not only be able to save money but also have a relaxing enjoyable holiday in a country that attracts a steadily growing number of medical tourists for all the good reasons.

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