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Post Bariatric Body Contouring

Costa Rica

The video shows a leading plastic surgeon from Costa Rica discussing the nuances of body contouring after the bariatric surgery.

 Video Narration

“Bariatric Patients can have very good results after the process of losing weight. The only important thing is to assess very carefully each patient because most of the patients lose weight in a different form. For some patients we can make a similar procedure at the same time but for others not. For most of the patients abdominoplasty is the first procedure but we have to devise a procedure that is direct to improve the upper body contouring in order to improve the lower body contouring. I will have information of the general health and the kind of procedure they’d have and also the kind of diet, vitamins and the supplements they’re taking is very important for us. Also, I like to know if your weight has been stable, how long it has been stable, very important. Also, we can provide some patients above BMI of 30 but most of the patients of gastric surgery have to be BMI less than 30. 30 or less than 30. Or procedure of the arms, the arms are…sometimes we also practice some kind of…lift extending the surgery to the back, because many of the patients have different kinds of rolls here after the losing, losing of the weight, so that we have to improve. Also, for some patients the best procedure is the procedure that we call the body lift…it means abdominoplasty that extends in the back…so we can reset, we can take out all the…tissue and we can lift all the lower tissue. So, with this kind of surgery, the body lift we can improve not only the abdomen also we can improve the fat.”

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