Placement of Dental bridge and Veneers by Dentist in Turkey

In this video, a leading dentist from Turkey talks about placement of dental bridge and veneers.

Dental surgeon explains full mouth reconstruction with the help of dental implants.  He also talks about dentures, which does not move while eating and can be detached for cleaning.

Check out the video in which dental expert talks about placement of dental bridge and porcelain veneers.

Following is the video narration of dental surgeon in Turkey

“We may also do single crows on top of implants, this is an implant abutment and zirconium rug is made on single implant.  With implants we can do full mouth reconstruction also.  This is a model of lower jaw reconstruct with a six implants.  Those are six abutment implants.  This is a model of mouth and this is a bridge rug made on top of only dental implants, so the patient has a fixed bridge.

The denture patients, patients without any teeth like that can achieve or receive bridge work like that or more economically we can place two implants and on top of two implants, we place and over denture.  This over denture rug has a fixed prosthesis, cannot move while chewing because there are two abutment implants which in place all prosthesis and this is detachable system.  The patient can detach the prosthesis and clean the implants and the mouth and the prosthesis also and put again in its place in his mouth.

Also laminate veneer are thin veneeric material made of porcelain, different kind of ceramic porcelain are used for this purpose and they are very thin surfaces.  And we…. them on surface of prepared tooth so we can correct teeth like that in mouth position in a not correct and straight alignment and we change this by placements of the laminates on the interior part of the teeth.

We can from this situation to that, this is before and after, and we can apply different colors also, different textures but this is an alternative to do orthodontic treatment for patients who don’t need wires in their mouth for a long time period.  We can build this kind of laminate veneers in several days.

For dental treatment plenty patients coming from abroad and mainly we are getting patients from Germany, United Kingdom and Netherland Holland.”

The surgeon in the video explains how laminate veneers help in alignment of teeth and how it can be changed with the placement of laminates on the interior part of the mouth, which acts as an alternative to the orthodontic treatment.  These veneers can be made in several days and, different colors and textures can be applied to them.

Patients from different international destinations come to Turkey for dental treatment.  Low cost placement of dental bridge and veneers in turkey attracts many dental tourists from Germany, United Kingdom, and Netherlands, to fly to the Turkey for quality dental services at affordable price.

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