Pediatric Heart Surgery in Turkey

Pediatric heart surgery in Turkey is done for congenital disease in children.  Surgeon in the video performs cardiac surgery for congenital disease as well as cyanotic heart disease in which skin color changes to blue due to mixing of blood in the heart.

Because of sky rocketing costs of heart surgeries in U.S, people are looking for high quality pediatric heart surgeries abroad at affordable cost in countries like Turkey, India, and Mexico etc.



Video Narration of Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

“Generally the congenital heart diseases and disease in adults with congenital conditions require different set up and different background, different set up and different equipment as well as different experience and this institute is again one of very high volume institution throughout the Europe. We do around 6 to 7 congenital heart cases every months which is around 750 paediatric cases every year and the overall results are very good…….We do neonatal heart surgery.

We have a very huge team, specialized physicians including paediatric cardiologists, paediatric anaesthesiologists and paediatric cardiac… well as nurses …….However, paediatric heart surgery is completely different from the adult heart surgery, though they look same, they are not the same specialities. Paediatric heart surgery is really my one of the top interest areas.

Mainly there are two main groups in these diseases – congenital disease in children and one is cyanotic heart disease which shows bluish discoloration of the skin channel due to mixing of blood in the heart or because of…….. The others are cyanotic disorder, mainly defects within the heart walls. And we do lot of defect closure, changing arteries and coronary arteries valve repair and huge reconstructive surgeries for every kind of congenital heart defects.

The major, the two major valves – mitral and aortic valves .With the change in patient population, we are receiving more and more patients for degenerative heart diseases and ischemic valve disease which causes leak in walls, especially in mitral valves and…….

And combining these valve repairs with rhythm procedures, for example, many old patients with mitral problems come, with also the atrial fibrillation. We do concomitant atrial fibrillation ablation surgery and valve repairs together.”

Heart surgeon in the video is one of the leading cardiologists in the world, who routinely performs pediatric heart bypass surgery with high rates of success. The surgeon in the video talks about mitral heart valve repiar, to stop the leakage in walls.

Opting for pediatric heart surgery can be a life-changing decision, often for the better.  As it is a major surgery, the patient or the relatives of the patients have to be very careful in selecting the right hospital and right cardiac surgeon for the procedure.

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