Passports & Visas

If you are planning to travel abroad for Medical Care, its a good idea to get your passport and visa’s in advance. Depending on the country you have to visit it can sometimes take weeks to get a visa. Below is a service we trust to be reliable and fast in getting passports or visas. It caters to people from all nationalities.

Another thing that we like about them is having an expedited service if required. They can help expedite processing a new passport,renew an old one,add pages to the existing passport, or replace a lost one in 24 hours. They are located in DC next to where most of the embassies are.

Some countires like India have a special visa just for Medical Tourist that allows an individual to stay in the foreign country for long periods. In many countries,(Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand to name a few) visa is not required for US & Canadian citizens. But passports are required in any case.

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