Ozone Discolysis by Tijuana Spine Surgeon – Dr. Eliseo Mora Sanchez

Watch this video of Dr. Eliseo Mora Sanchez from Mexico as he talks about Ozone Therapy in Tijuana for herniated disc and other spinal treatments. Affordable Spine Surgeries Abroad comprise various spine procedures in countries like Korea and India.



Video Transcription

“Here in my clinic we have experience of two years doing treatments with ozone in the herniated disc. In that lapse of time we have around 100-105 ozone treatments that I can say that until now we have good results in 87 to 90 percent of the patients, and bad results in 5 percent of them. And failure of the treatment only in two patients.  And I can say that because these two patients weren’t well selected in order to apply the ozone. This is mentioned in one of the questionnaires about what patients are good candidates or not for this kind of treatment. The ages of these 105 patients go from twenties to eighties. The median are in the forties. That means may be 45 to 47 patients are in the forties. And these patients, in this age, most of them got good results after the treatment.”

Dr. Mora also talks about who is Not a Suitable Candidate for Ozone Therapy in another of his videos.

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