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Orthopedic Surgery in Turkey

In this video, a leading orthopedic surgeon talks about his experience and specialization in hand surgery, microsurgery and other orthopedic surgeries in Turkey.

Surgeon from Turkey talks about motorcycle accidents in Asian countries as motorcycle is the most common medium of transport in these countries.

Check out the video where the orthopedic surgeon talks about his surgical interests and his expert team of doctors and surgeons.

Following is the Video Narration of Orthopedic Surgeon – Turkey

“I am an associate professor in Turkey and I am working as an orthopaedic surgeon and a hand surgeon and a microsurgeon. I am particularly interested in peripheral nerve surgery and brachial plexus surgery. I did my education in Turkey, then I went abroad in order to learn the peripheral nerve surgery. I went to Asian countries because there are lot of motorcycle accidents and after motorcycle accident…appear for the neuro injuries like brachial plexus injury. Mostly motorcycles are used as a transportation vehicle in Asian countries.

Particularly in Asian countries motorcycles are used as a transportation vehicle and also in China there is a well development of the industries so there are lot of industrial accidents. After accident there are a lot of traumatised deformities of the upper extremities. I went there to learn reconstructive micro surgery and brachial plexus surgery and now in centre I am particularly in brachial plexus surgery, hand surgery and microsurgery and also upper extremity deformity reconstructive surgery.

In Japan the medical system is really well developed and also well combined with the technology. In China, Japan, like in United States but they have more motorcycle accidents in United States because they are using motorcycle as a sports, are using rapidly.

In China, Thailand, Taiwan they are using motorcycles as a transportation system so normally the farmers are also using motorcycles and there are a lot of accidents. After accidents they have a lot of brachial plexus injuries and they are really well developed in these kinds of, the surgeons in China are well developed in brachial plexus surgery and even transferring the nerves from normal side to the injured side. So it’s a risk operation but they really manage it and they really get good success.

Many United States doctors, I mean European doctors are usually going to China in order to learn this kind of risk operation. China and Taiwan and Singapore is really well industrialized. They have a lot of upper extremity injuries and deformities and they are immediately at time doing the surgeries and after that there are a lot of deformities also and they are doing the reconstructive surgery of these kinds of injuries – traumatised injuries.

Well my own surgeries, you need a really well developed microscopic equipments and after that the ability of the surgeon is very important. These kind of surgeries are team…. surgeries and we have a good team here and we are doing non surgeries for 10 hours to 12 hours surgeries and we are having two teams here. We change the team every time, first team is while having rest, the second team is doing the surgery, we have all equipments, and we have well trained surgical team here.”

Surgeon in the video is an associate professor having surgical interest in peripheral nerve surgery and brachial plexus surgery.

Hospital in Turkey is well equipped with microscopic technology and the team of expert surgeons performs high quality surgical procedures in the hospital.  In addition, low cost of orthopedic procedures attracts many medical tourists from different countries to fly to Turkey for the treatment.

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