Obstetrician and Gynecologist


In this video, a leading obstetrician and gynecologist in Thailand hospital talks about his education and experience.

Having studied, trained and worked in US for a long time, the surgeon has got lot of experience in obstetrics and gynecologic surgeries. Besides this, lot of other rare procedures like natural birth, water birth, IVF are also performed in the hospital.

Check out the video where the surgeon talks about all the procedures and quality of services provided in the hospital.

Video Narration

“Medical School and training from Baltimore Maryland.  I am board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and also the fellow of the American college of obstetricians. I have spent two years as chief of the American air force hospital at phoenix Arizona. I stayed there for 2 years and then had my fellowship at UCRA and practiced at Los Angeles for about 8 years before I came back to Thailand. Then I stayed in Thailand until now, started my training and practice in 1974 until now.

In this hospital we provide almost all the procedure i.e obstetrics, we have natural birth and we have water birth. These are rare and do not exist in most of the hospitals in Bangkok and all the gynecologic surgery. We do almost everything as same as is done in US. We gift of elaborate auto procedure, what we have for the laparoscopic procedure.  We have very good laparoscopic gynecologic surgery here and highly skilled and we did many procedure which other hospitals couldn’t do.

As far as the infertility is concerned, we have the institute for infertility specialist and we can give the service formed on basics until we …. On to the IVF.

The quality of our hospital is accredited by JCI. JCI is the organization originated in US so we meet a standard , an minimum standard. So therefore the quality should be the same as in the US.  As far as equipment is concerned, I don’t see any difference because I used to practice in US for about 20 years, not different from what they have in US. What they have, we do have.  We try to catch up with the technology.”

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