Obesity Surgery Story from Tijuana

Watch this video testimonial of Jazmina who reviews lap band surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Jazmina’s weight loss surgery was performed by Dr. Francisco Gonzalez, one of the leading bariatric surgeons in Mexico.



Bariatric Surgery Testimonial Video Transcription:

Well, when I decide I want to do this surgery what I was thinking was to lose weight no matter what. So for me it was OK. I used to follow the instructions – what the doctor say. And it has worked for me. I do recommend it because my life changed, of course, changed from outside and inside.

“Now I am a happier person, a healthy person also. And you know I feel better with me. I feel beautiful. I feel younger. But in one word I feel beautiful – before I used to feel ugly even hating my husband looking at me. You know – turn off the light. Now I don’t care. Now he look at me.

They are happy with me now for me also because I am a different person! I am a happier person. So when you feel happy, all things around you is different, look different for you. You pass that to the other people. They feel also happy.

Dr. Gonzalez is very nice. He treat me like family. Like friends. So make me feel very comfortable. You know I feel like a friend. Like a family with him. He is very honest. That’s the thing I really like about Dr. Gonzalez. Well the first thing he project of me that he know what he do. So that was the most important thing when I decide because before I saw another doctors also. But they don’t give me that feeling.

So Dr. Gonzalez give me that feeling that he really knows what he is doing. He have the experience, so I decide you know he is the right person because he has been doing this for a while. So he have the experience. He really knows what he is doing. It made me feel comfortable. I recommend Dr. Gonzalez because he is a nice man, he knows what he is doing, he is really professional. And the hospital where he works is very nice, clean – it’s perfect.

Yeah, he really knows what he is doing. Yeah, like I already say he knows what he is doing. He was born to be a doctor. Come to Dr. Gonzalez and have your surgery very soon because you are going to feel happier, beautiful and healthier.”

Tijuana has been popular with many Americans seeking quality yet pocket-friendly lap band and other weight loss surgical procedures. The border city is strategically located in proximity to the United States with San Diego less than 20 miles away.

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