New Dental Implants Center – Costa Rica

In this video, a leading dental implants surgeon talks about his new dental facility in San Jose, Costa Rica.


What we’ve done in this new facility is created a better environment, not only for the patient to feel a little more comfortable, the rooms are bigger, also for all the practitioners and all the dentists that work here and even the staff to feel a little more comfortable. Places where you can actually move a little easier, better light and nicer…

So I love the feel that people will have by just coming to the dentist and will go away by being in a nice place. And that alone, also with better treatment or treating people nicer, creating spaces for waiting rooms, where they can actually feel a more comfortable and also being able to grow at the same time. We’ve been growing a lot in the last years, so we needed more room and more…that way we can create space and environment for everybody.

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