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“We respect your privacy”

  • “We respect your privacy”

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✔  Accomplished Surgeons
✔  US-Registered Nutritionist
✔  Destination Support
✔  60-80% Savings 
✔  US Corporation
✔  BBB Certified
✔  Diet Counseling
✔  Thousands Helped
✔  Free Stay for Guest

Package Inclusions

✔   Hotel Nights (2)
✔   Hospital Nights (2)
✔   Hospital Fee
✔   Nutrition Program
✔   Aftercare
✔   Ground Transfers
✔   Pre & Post-Op Lab
✔   Phone Calls
✔   Guest Included

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Nevada to Tijuana Travel

  • San Diego (SAN)* – By Air
  • To Tijuana (TIJ) – By Road
  • Travel Time from SAN Airport to Tijuana
San Diego (SAN)* – By Air

Las Vegas (LAS) to SAN => 1h
Henderson (LAS) to SAN => 1h
Paradise (LAS) to SAN => 1h
Spring Valley (LAS) to SAN => 1h
Reno (RNO) to SAN => 1h 30m
Carson City (RNO) to SAN => 1h 30m
*San Diego International Airport (SAN) – Suggested American airport near Tijuana for free pickup

To Tijuana (TIJ) – By Road

Las Vegas to TIJ => 348 mi (5h 20m)
Henderson to TIJ => 348 mi (5h 20m)
Paradise to TIJ => 344 mi (5h 17m)
Spring Valley to TIJ => 347 mi (5h 22m)
Reno to TIJ => 575 mi (10h 10m)
Carson City to TIJ => 541 mi (9h 30m)

Travel Time from SAN Airport to Tijuana

20 minutes

Support Team

Nutritionist, Mexico

Driver, Mexico

Destination Manager

US Registered Bariatric Dietitian

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