Mitral Heart Valve Repair

Cardiovascular Surgeon Turkey

In this video, a cardiovascular surgeon trained in US and Turkey talks about his specialization in mitral heart valve repair and aortic valve repair.

Main areas of research of heart surgeon are low ejection fraction heart surgeries, rhythm operation procedures and paediatric heart surgery.

Check out the video where the surgeon talks about his education, experience and specialization in the field of cardiac surgeries.

Video Narration of Cardiovascular Surgeon

“I am the head of cardiac and vascular care department. By training, I am a cardio vascular surgeon. I was trained both in Turkey and US. After finishing my residency here, I went to US for my fellowship trainings. I did my multiple fellowships in adult and paediatric cardiac surgeries and heart transplantations. I did my fellowship trainings at mayo clinic, Rochester Minnesota, children’s hospital, Los Angeles and Texas heart institute and over 10 years, I have turned back to my home country and run a couple of very successful and huge cardiac programs.

I am the chief of the cardiac department. I did lot of research and publications as well as many talks over the international conferences. My main research is in congestive heart failure with very low ejection fraction heart surgeries and rhythm operation procedures and also pediatric heart surgery.

I’m member of many international institutions including American Association for cardiac surgery and I am a fellow of American college of cardiology as well as member of society of thoracic surgeons of North America as well as European association and associate editor of many international journals and editor of the Turkish journal of cardiovascular surgery widely published. I have over 110 publications in the international journals and more than probably three hundred presentations in international meetings….. full service cardiac department.

We are working very closely with our cardiologist colleagues and thoracic surgeons, non-cardiac thoracic surgeons and vascular surgeons. This institution is not any surgical or medical institution but it’s a cardio vascular department who deals with whole spectrum of cardiac diseases from the … age to eldest patient. When it comes to adult patients, we are specialised in low ejection fraction, low ejection fraction cardiac surgeries, re-operations, hypertrophic cardiomyopathies and valve repairs. However whole spectrum is done here and the results are really very impressive.

We continuously serve our results with international databases including the North American… database and this institutions result are within the top one percent of the results all over. Risk for example coronary artery bypass surgery, overall including the reoperations and low ejection fraction patients are less than one percent which is really quite unique and the other difference……the use of blood and blood products. Around thirty-five percent of adult cardiac surgeries are done without using any blood and blood products. This is like bloodless surgery”

A whole spectrum of cardiac surgeries is performed in the hospital by the cardiac surgeon and his team of cardiologists and thoracic surgeons.  The results of these heart surgeries have been very successful.

35 percent of the surgeries in the hospital are performed without using blood products, which reduces the risk, involved in the procedure.

Well- trained doctors and surgeons along with state of art facilities in the hospital make it a perfect destination for heart patients.  Low cost of heart valve surgery is also one of the major factors, which attracts patients from different countries to come to Turkey for treatment.

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