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Mini IVF Abroad

Mini IVF Package in Mexico: Approximately $ 3,000 USD
{The package covers all the medical & logistic costs at the destination}
International Destinations: India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand

Mini IVF or minimum stimulation IVF is a breakthrough concept in assisted reproductive technology. One of the reasons for its increasing popularity is, that it comes very close to nature’s way of helping a woman get pregnant. Mini IVF abroad is much cheaper than what it is in the USA and is practiced by our partner fertility clinic in Mexico.

Mini IVF Baby

The principal idea of mini IVF treatment is to not over-stimulate the body to produce many average-quality eggs, but, to mildly stimulate the ovaries and come up with a few, high-quality eggs. This is what the human body naturally does, that is, with one mature egg discharged every month, the woman’s body also produces a few more equally good eggs that are ready to be fertilized. Minimum stimulation IVF prods the body to do this more efficiently, but with minimum hormonal medicines.

Though many couples/persons suffering from infertility or other reproduction-related problems like blocked fallopian tubes, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) do resort to standard IVF or hyper-stimulation IVF, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of being injected with so much medication. Nor can everyone afford the high cost of the standard IVF.

Mini IVF Procedure

The mini IVF protocol, on the other hand, involves no painful injections and comes at about half the cost, or even lower, if you choose to go overseas for the procedure. The mini IVF procedure is thus: A low dose of FDA-approved fertility drug Clomid (clomiphene citrate) is administered from day 3 of the menstrual cycle and is continued untill sufficient follicular growth is observed through ultrasonography. On Day 8, 10, and 12 of the IVF cycle, a low dose of gonadotropin is also given. A single injection or nasal sniff of Lupron, is then administered to induce ovulation.

Not more than 3-4 eggs are retrieved and fertilized. This may result in only 2-3 embryos being transferred, but if they are of high quality, it is sufficient for most patients.

Clomid works by blocking estrogen. While this is good to prevent premature ovulation, it can affect the uterine lining and the embryos may not implant. Some mini IVF experts resolve this issue by freezing the embryos in a process known as ‘vitrification’, and then transferring them during a later cycle without administering any fertility medications.

But others fertility doctors feel that this may deny the aspiring parents, a chance of conceiving during the same IVF cycle. Also, there is the possibility, that some embryos might get damaged by vitrification or cryopreservation, although it is a very safe and accepted method of freezing the embryos. These experts say, that if the endometrium (uterine lining) looks healthy enough from the USG scans, embryo transfer can be made in the same cycle.

Differences between Standard and Mini IVF

Standard IVF Mini IVF
Procedure Daily hormonal (gonadotropin) injections from day 3 of the menstrual cycle are given to stimulate the ovaries to produce many mature follicles. The injections are given for a period of 10 days. Only a mild dose of Clomid has to be taken with low booster doses of gonadotropin towards the end of the IVF cycle. (Hence, it is also known as clomid stimulation-only IVF.)
Comfort he fertility medication can be very expensive and its after-effects may be uncomfortable or even painful, causing what is known as the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Side-effects of conventional IVF drugs may include a feeling of bloatedness, nausea, abdominal pain, and slight weight gain. Negligible discomfort, thanks to very low doses of Clomid.
Cost About $15,000 in the US. About $5,500 in the US. And about $3,000 in Mexico.
Success Rate 40% on an average 28% on an average

Advantages/Benefits of Mini IVF

  • Gentle stimulation IVF, aims to produce fewer but high-quality eggs. Consequently, the number of embryo transfers is also lower, compared to hyper-stimulation IVF. .As a result, the risk of multiple births, so common with standard IVF, is reduced greatly.
  • Mini IVF is definitely much cheaper than standard IVF. Hence, even if there are failures, going in for another attempt doesn’t necessarily strain your finances. It is also very attractive to couples/persons with limited or no fertility insurance, because of the effective cost savings.
  • It has fewer side effects, as only low doses of clomid are administered.
  • It is a lot more convenient for the patient, as clomid is taken orally. Painful injections need not be borne.

Disadvantages of Mini IVF

Because of the lower number of eggs, the success rates of mini IVF can be affected, especially when tried on older women or those who have low ovarian reserve. But, such women may have similar outcomes even with standard IVF. Increased gonadotropin stimulation does not improve IVF outcomes in patients with predicted poor ovarian reserve. Hence, they would still be at an advantage if they used mini IVF because of the low cost and simplicity of the method.

Mexico fertility experts, from Medical Tourism Corporation’s network, have the required expertise in the mini IVF procedure, and have been practicing it with good results for a considerable period of time. A large part of their clientele is from the U.S. and U.K. These overseas fertility doctors are accessible, friendly, and will discuss what ART options are best suited for you, depending on your budget and your expectations, even before starting you onto a particular type of fertility treatment.

Deciding between Standard & Mini IVF

Choosing between standard and mini IVF is really more of a personal decision. Some of the factors to consider while making your decision are:

  • In most cases, mini IVF success rates are about 28% in comparison to about 40% in standard IVF.
  • Fertility doctors may recommend mini IVF over standard IVF – for older women, women who have had a past history of failure with standard IVF, very young women with cystic ovaries, and women prone to ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome from IVF drugs.
  • The overseas trip for mini IVF is shorter in most cases. You would have to go to the fertility center for about 7 days, whereas it’s about 14 days for the standard IVF.
  • In case of failed standard IVF, the wait time is about two months between cycles, but if mini IVF fails, you can immediately begin, the next month.

Natural Cycle IVF vs. Minimal Simulation IVF

In natural cycle IVF, no fertility drugs or very few fertility drugs are given. This is beneficial to women who do not tolerate fertility drugs well or couples who are on a strict budget. The idea behind natural cycle IVF or NIVF or NC-IVF is pretty similar to that of minimum stimulation IVF, except that in the case of the former, we go a step further towards the natural ways of conception. Though natural IVF has several advantages like being low cost, low-risk (no multiple births), and patient-friendly, its biggest drawback is that its success rate is significantly low: between 6-7%.

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