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Michelle Reviews Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana with Dr. Green

In this video testimonial Michelle from Utah’s Salt Lake City discusses her bariatric surgery experience in Tijuana, MX. She is all praises for Dr. Green and his staff. She says he also gave her his phone number so that she can talk to him when needed.

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Video Transcription

“Hi my name is Michelle Souders and I am from Salk Lake City, Utah. I am here to get, I just had bariatric surgery at the Florence Hospital. I feel pretty good. You hear so many horror stories. I think it was a better idea to do it down in Mexico. From what I understand, they don’t let you stay in the hospital in the US, they kick you out and I think you need to stay. You need the care and I probably got better care here than I would have ever gotten in States.”

“I had a friend, her daughter had done it and then her mom and dad did it and just about everybody in their family did it and they say it was the best thing they ever did.”

“I am in my fifties and so are they and they said they felt young again and deciding factor was probably Christmas time. I found out I had diabetes, I found out I was anemic, I found out I had high blood pressure and all these extra medicines expensive, I didn’t feel good. My hair started to fall out and I simply didn’t know who I was when I looked in the mirror. My daughter came to me and said she wanted me to be around for grandkids. So, we decided in three weeks and here I am. “

“My first contact was Cyrel and she was almost like a mother-hen. She made sure to call me back if I need anything, If someone didn’t help me as much as I wanted, she was right there to say “if they don’t help you, let me know”.”

“Anything, any questions, they never made me feel I was stupid or you know I was bothering them or calling too much or every question of mine was important.”

“I was really scared, I had never been down to Mexico and you hear horror stories and it was wonderful. My friends all told me”Oh! Don’t go to Mexico, it’s sketchy, you know you can have problems” and I truly feel I got better care down here and better people. The facilities were state of the arts, our hotel was, is, and as you can see is amazing. I am up on the tenth floor right now, sitting out here with beautiful sunshine and plants and the pool and you just couldn’t want anything more for serenity. “

“The staff here has been absolutely amazing. Dr. Green was amazing. I have never had a doctor giving me his personal number and say you call me if you need me. That doesn’t happen in States so it was quite an eye-opener. A lot of nurses were young, so caring, and so attentive. It was amazing.”

“When I first got here, the first people I met was Karen. Karen has taken amazing care of us and if her boss is watching this, she needs a raise. Rosa, even though she is my age, she was like a mom to all of us there for whatever we needed. The anesthesiologist was wonderful, the cardiologist was wonderful, and the aftercare nurses were wonderful. I was told not to come down here, I was told I was absolutely crazy and I am already planning on coming back to get more surgery down here. I’d like to have my eyes done. “

“Friend of mine is going to come down and get teeth done and another friend wants augmentation and I would recommend this in a heartbeat to anyone. “

“Don’t hesitate, don’t do it, it’s an amazing price, I was shocked at the price and from seeing friends that have had it done down here already. I saw how their life changed, how they were happier. Everything’s different, you feel better, and you look better, everything is just better. Don’t hesitate, do it!”

Michelle is happy about her decision on coming to Mexico for her weight loss surgery. She says, the hospitals in the US discharge you too soon without understanding that you still need care but, in Tijuana, she received better care as compared to the US.

Dr. Green has performed more than 1,000 bariatric surgeries till date. Here’s another client testimonial of Andrea reviewing gastric sleeve in Tijuana by Dr. Green.

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