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FREE Ground Transportation. Limited Period Special – get FREE stay for up to 3 nights at Hotel Hacienda in Los Algodones, Mx (applicable on dental work over $1,500).

The residents of Arizona, Southern California, and the rest of the Southwestern US will be glad to hear that there are many Mexican dentists near Phoenix, Arizona, who can provide them excellent dental care at a fraction of the cost.

In today’s struggling economy, family finances are stretched pretty thin, which means certain expenditures end up getting cut out of budgets; and proper dental care, unfortunately, is often one of those expenses. Too many parents have to sacrifice proper dental care for their children—for themselves, as well—in order to put food on the table. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that over 20% of US kids aged 2-17 didn’t see the dentist in 2010.

You need not compromise your children’s dental health anymore, as Mexican dentists on the border with Arizona offer service that is at par with dentists in the United States.

How to find the Best Dentists near the Arizona Border?

If you are looking for the best dentist near the Arizona border, then Los Algodones is the place to go. Just across the border from Yuma, Arizona, Los Algodones has been a very popular destination with dental tourists for years now.

  • Los Algodones lures dental tourists with dental procedures that are much lower in prices than in the United States. Many people return from their dental trip to Los Algodones having saved 50% or more.
  • The great thing about Los Algodones is the location. For people looking for a Mexican dental clinic near Phoenix or Yuma, Los Algodones is practically right in their backyard. It’s only 3 ½ hours from Phoenix, and 15-20 minutes from downtown Yuma.
  • Being only an hour and a half away from Tucson, Nogales is closer than Los Algodones, and might be a better option for those looking for a Mexican Dentist in the Tuscon area.
  • When you opt to go to a Mexican dentist near the Arizona border, keep in mind that you will be saving time as well as money. Yuma, Arizona border dentists in Los Algodones have exceptionally short wait times; and many Medical Tourism Co. network clinics have their own in-house laboratories for the fabrication of crowns, dentures, etc., which further helps in cutting down your wait time. Many procedures can be done in a day, getting you back home and on your regular schedule as quickly as possible.
  • Los Algodones is set up to accommodate dental tourists. Many clinics are within walking distance from the border, and some even offer border pick-up service to make your visit more convenient.

Tips for Finding a Good Dentist Near the Arizona Border

  • Dental tourism in Mexico is a thriving industry, and much of it is concentrated on the border with the United States. There are lots of great dentists near the Arizona border to choose from, so do your research.
  • Choose your desired location. As stated above, Nogales might be closer if you live in Tucson; and Los Algodones is better for those in need of a Mexican dentist close to Phoenix.
  • Choose your dental clinic. This is the most important choice you will make. It is important that you pick a dentist with whom you are comfortable and feel you can trust.
  • Although you want to save money, don’t base your whole decision on how cheap the treatment is. Many clinics have testimonial videos from previous patients that can help you decide. Make sure you are not sacrificing quality for a smaller bill.

The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) predicts that in 2013, just over half of all dental expenditures will be covered by insurance or the government, leaving the remaining 44% to come straight out of taxpayers’ pockets. This harrowing statistic reveals just how difficult it has become to secure quality dental care in the United States.

However, people in the Southwestern US have options. Mexican dentists near Phoenix, Arizona can provide your family with the quality dental care they deserve.

Medical Tourism Co. can assist you in finding a good dentist on the Arizona border with Mexico. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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