Length of Stay for Surrogacy in Mumbai When Using Own Eggs

QUESTION – I’m using my own eggs and since I needĀ to do pre-tests, will that mean I will have to stay longer in India than theĀ usual 6 weeks it takes for the whole process of surrogacy?


Answer – No. You both will be required to stay for a maximum of 18 days. You will need to be in the clinic a few days prior to the menses so that we can finish a few tests along with a physical examination. Your stimulation (Gonadotropin Injections) will then be started from day 1/2 of your menses (after doing the blood hormonal test). You will be required to take two injections daily for approx. 10 days within which you will have formed multiple mature eggs in both your ovaries. The Ovum Pick-up will be approx. on day 13 and the Embryo Transfer into the surrogate on day 15. You can then leave Mumbai soon after the Embryo Transfer.





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